‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T and Look-Alike Daughter All Smiles in Sweet New Pic

by Courtney Blackann

The “Law & Order: SVU” star Ice-T (aka Tracy Morrow) loves to brag about his kids – like most dads do. When he’s not busy cleaning up New York City’s crime-ridden streets, he loves devoting time to family. In a most recent Instagram post, the actor shared an adorable picture of his daughter while the two were at Comic-Con in Detroit.

Showing big smiles, both dad and daughter look super happy.

“Thanks to everyone we met at Detriot’s ComicCon this weekend! Chanel had a Blast!” the “Law & Order” star captioned the photo.

Posing with her hand beneath her chin, Ice-T’s daughter is showing off her cute earrings and fall sweater. She appears to be thrilled to be spending the fun weekend with her dad.

“Law & Order: SVU” Star Defends Parenting Style

While Ice-T loves sharing his personal life through photos of his wife and family, the actor recently go into some hot water. After he posted a photo of his daughter with French-tipped nails, commenters had plenty to say. But Ice-T wasn’t there for any of it.

Many believed the girl was too young for the manicure. However, the “Law & Order” star put those shamers in their place. The actor quickly, but gracefully, let people know he didn’t care about their opinions of his parenting style.

After appearing on “The View,” Ice-T had more to say about the incident.

“Rule 1 on the internet: Do not pay attention to what anyone says,” Ice-T replied. “Worry about the people that walk up to you and say things in your real life. Those are the people you should be concerned with. The internet is the world. It’s the world talking, so I don’t pay attention.”

He went on to add:

“Everybody parents differently,” he concluded. “Every house has its own constitution. We’re doing okay. Our baby’s okay.”

It’s probably easy to comment about someone else’s life from behind a screen, but the “Law & Order” star has a good point: just let people do their own thing (obviously as long as it’s not hurting anyone else.)

Ice-T is known for his role on “Law & Order: SVU” for years now. However, the former rapper said it’s funny to be known just for acting by new generations who may not remember his days as a recording artist.

“One thing about rap is it’s the fountain of youth. When I start rapping, I believe I’m the same age I was when I wrote that record,” he said. “I think Mick Jagger thinks he’s still the young Rolling Stone.” Which, the fact Jagger keeps playing shows after so many years might verify Ice-T’s theory.