‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Shares Warning About Who You Have as Close Friends

by Chase Thomas

Star of Law & Order: SVU Ice-T is known for a number of different aspects of his career whether its through acting or music or even just friendly advice on his personal Instagram page. Who you surround yourself with matters, which is something that Ice-T cares a lot about. In the post, Ice-T shares a warning about who you have as close friends in this world.

The post has an image with text that reads, “You can —- your whole life up by having close friends who have no goals and aspirations in life.” Again, who you surround yourself with matters for one’s personal development, and Ice-T does not want to see his fans fall into situations where they’re surrounded by the wrong people.

Fans loved the message via Ice-T. One fan wrote, “Facts and that is why I changed my circle.”

Another fan wrote, “💯💯💯…. You are who you surround yourself with.”

Ice-T on Stabler’s Return

Stabler and Fin did not have the best relationship on Law & Order: SVU. Both were two strong authoritative figures, which meant the duo butted heads a lot of times. They may not always play nice on the small screen, but the respect between the two detectives is always there. The same is true off-screen where Chris and Ice have remained friends for years even longer after Meloni left the franchise. Ice-T said, “I’ve been friends with Chris for years.”

He continued, “Even though he’s been gone, I stay in touch with him. So when it was time for him to come back, we knocked out the scenes like old times. It’s going to be far more emotional for the fans, ’cause they haven’t had contact with him since. I have.”

How cool is that? The duo never missed a beat, as Ice-T tells it. They did not even have to shake any rust off. The fans have been loyal to Ice-T, Meloni and the rest of the crew for decades now, which is kind of wild to think about.

He continues, “It definitely surprises me.” The fans have never wavered in support of Ice-T and the NBC show drama as the ratings have remained high for decades. He concluded, “They’re more and more rock solid with it. A lot of people are fans — and we started before they were born!” That is a wild fact, isn’t it Outsiders? There are big-time fans of this program that weren’t even alive when the show began. The show has been around for 22 seasons, and Ice-T has been there since the beginning. He, along with the rest of the crew from the NBC drama, are obviously very grateful for this to be the case, but still wild to consider nonetheless.