‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Kelli Giddish Finds Kissing Co-Star to be ‘Awkward’

by Allison Hambrick

“Law & Order: SVU” actress Kelli Giddish revealed how she really feels about filming romantic scenes alongside costar Peter Scanavino. Giddish and Scanavino play Detective Amanda Rollins and ADA Dominick Carisi, respectively.

“I think we both have such a strong feeling about what it should be between them,” Giddish told Smashing Interviews. “I think it’s easy for us to know what it should be. It’s still awkward though. It’s almost like kissing your brother, it’s like, ‘Oh, jeez.’”

Even so, Giddish is committed to doing the relationship between Carisi and Rollins justice. After roughly six seasons, the characters shared a much-earned kiss at Detective Tutuola’s wedding. Fans grew to love the supportive relationship they share.

“But it’s so important for us to honor that relationship,” she added. “I think we’re willing to go past that and say, ‘Okay. This is such a great thing for these characters, for our audience and for the fans of the show.’” Additionally, Giddish expressed her appreciation for the layers this adds to her character. She felt it is a privilege to explore such a well-developed relationship.

“All the conversation around it is really exciting,” the SVU star continued. “The head writers are really excited about letting that be a facet of their relationship. We are treating it with respect and caution as to what it should be and what it shouldn’t be. It means a lot to us as people and also, it is so earned and so organic, we want to keep portraying that level of friendship and trust to the audience and let them see a great relationship.”

Giddish Talks Law & Order: SVU Character’s Past Assault

Additionally, Giddish discussed how Rollins’s history affects her current relationships. To Giddish, that is where the real joy of acting rests.

“That’s something enjoy playing,” said Giddish. “It would be pretty boring if everything was easy-breezy. I’ve always told the head writers’ “If you need to throw anybody under the bus, it better be me.’ I like going from a place where you have to crawl your way back up, you know?”

As a result, Giddish praised the writers of SVU. While it would be easy to create superficial relationships between characters, they consistently made sure their developments made sense.

“All of the relationships that have been cultivated on the show, whether it be with Fin or Carisi now or with Benson, I think they’re super, super earned, and it’s not like Amanda just came in and started being best friends with Benson,” the actress continued. “Now, to see two strong females like that really trust each other and really rely on each other has been a pleasure and really an honor to cultivate that relationship.”

The other aspect of Rollins that Giddish enjoys is seeing her growth. Even though she is a victim, Rollins gets back up and works towards a healthier life for herself and her daughters.

“I think it’s something that the fans really wanted to see, and to be able to actually show that in an organic way, especially with Rollins having been assaulted in her past, to see her with such a good guy and someone that cares about her so much is really an important thing to show our audience,” said Giddish. “Like, here’s a survivor of assault, and look at her now. There’s trust, there’s hope, there’s a deep, deep relationship if you can just keep going and believe it, believe in other people, believe in yourself and just keep going.”