‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Absolutely Nails Latest Gruesome Case

by Joe Rutland

Mariska Hargitay has seen her fair share of cases as Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU. What is it about the latest one?

Benson just wrapped it up as part of Thursday night’s episode, “They’d Already Disappeared.”

A story from CinemaBlend gives us some additional info.

In the episode, a teenage sex worker disappears. Yet the creepy factor is about to go way up. The killer would mummify his victims, then set them up for a garish scene inside a home. Benson is joined by Fin, played by Ice-T, on the case.

He killed this and other young women, making them part of his sick storytelling.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Presents More Character-Focused Storyline In Recent Episode

Our Law & Order: SVU team nabbed the dude and got him in jail.

Benson tells Detective Octavio Pisano, played by Joe Velasco, this case was one that she’d never seen before on the SVU team. She said that she was not used to seeing so much violence while working Special Victims cases.

Hargitay showed her acting muscles in this episode. Two scenes stood out: first, when she was in the morgue and the medical examiner offered a caring approach in letting a young woman see her sister’s body.

Second, Benson got the killer to move from denial to confessing about every accusation.

This Law & Order: SVU episode appeared to be more focused on a character than the story.

NBC Show Had Plans For Actress Who Found Her Movie Career Taking Off

Hargitay has worked with many actors and actresses over the years. Who might have been part of the show as a series regular but had a movie career take off?

Recently, Looper got down to the Law & Order: SVU nitty-gritty on this situation.

A top Hollywood actress almost joined the show as a regular cast member. Zoe Saldana had appeared in a 2004 episode called “Criminal.”

In it, Saldana plays Gabrielle Vega. She’s the daughter of a criminology professor named Javier Vega, who was a murder suspect. Gabrielle claimed Pops was innocent.

What about Saldana?

Casting director Jonathan Strauss told Buzzfeed in 2014 that their plans were to bring her back as a series regular.

Danny Pino Said Nothing’s Really Changed Before His Appearance On Record Episode

Former Law & Order: SVU star Danny Pino came back for the 500th episode.

His Amaro character was one of the most highly anticipated. Pino said it was amazing how much things felt the same.

He talked about it with TV Line.

“It’s saying a lot to walk onto a set that has been working at such a high level for so long and to feel that same enthusiasm and commitment to the storytelling,” he said.