‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Has Gone to ‘The Other Side’ in New Set Pic

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Mariska Hargitay looks dramatic as ever in a new photo from the “Law & Order: SVU” set. In the photo, she sits in a desk chair, legs crossed, staring down the camera. The light from the window illuminates the room behind her, letting a shaft of light cross over her left shoulder. Hargitay captioned the photo “The other side…”

She also tagged the photo “#Captain’sOffice” and “#VeryCinematic.” Very cinematic indeed. She looks like she’s ready for business, and won’t take any crap from anyone. Just like Olivia Benson.

The most recent episode of “Law & Order: SVU” aired on Dec. 9 and saw Richard Wheatley on trial for the murder of Kathy Stabler. The episode also brought back Rafael Barba, who was representing Wheatley. This move put Benson at odds with her old friend; she doesn’t understand why he’d willingly take the case.

Barba claims the NYPD is “engaging in vigilantism” against Wheatley on Stabler’s behalf, but Benson doesn’t think his actions are sincere. The trial goes sideways, with Stabler and Wheatley both losing their cool at one point. Angela Wheatley has a startling testimony, and Benson confronts Stabler about the letter he allegedly wrote her in the beginning of the season. The whole thing is a mess. At the end, Eli steals drugs and disappears, forcing his father to go out looking for him. Will we get a verdict on the trial in the next episode? Or will the whole thing be put on hold without Stabler there?

‘Law & Order: SVU’: How Will the Wheatley Trial Affect Stabler?

This recent episode was a crossover with “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” and is centered around the Richard Wheatley trial. Wheatley is on trial for Kathy Stabler’s murder, and this is going to be a serious one for Elliott Stabler.

It’s so serious, that Ayanna Bell is worried about Stabler’s mental health during the trial. Actor Danielle Moné Truitt spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her character and Chris Meloni’s, and how she’s going to help him through the upcoming conflict.

“She’s thinking about how much that verdict and that outcome will take a toll on his mental health. She’s very concerned about that,” said Truitt. Bell looked out for her friend when he was undercover, and she’s going to look out for him now. He’s dealt with a lot mentally over the past few months, things that change a person fundamentally; he needs someone to lean on. He has Benson, sure, the two have been leaning on each other for decades. But he doesn’t see her all the time. Stabler needs someone who works with him, who sees him every day, and who has become a genuine friend.

Truitt continued by discussing Bell’s characterization. “Not to mention, she’s a juggler,” she said. “The Kosta organization is one ball. The Wheatley family and Stabler’s mental health is another ball. Her having a newborn and a wife is another. Then the whole Killbride [situation] is another and there’s Brewster.”

If there’s anyone who can look out for Stabler, it’s his friend Bell. Hopefully, she won’t drop any balls.