‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Peter Scanavino Discusses Carisi’s Dynamic With Stabler

by Chase Thomas

It’s hard to replace a legendary combination like Benson and Stabler on Law & Order. You don’t find that kind of on-screen chemistry all that often which is what makes it so special. However, positive dynamics are still possibilities, as Law & Order: SVU star Peter Scanavino opened up about Carisi’s dynamic with Stabler.

Scanavino told TV Line, “Well, God, you know, I never knew them together. And I don’t know how open she’s been with me about her history. It’s kind of one of those things, maybe, not let sleeping dogs lie, but you know, the past is the past.” The character never was around when Stabler and Benson were in their hay day on Law & Order: SVU. So, that changes the nature of their relationship. It’s not bad, but as Scanavino points out, it’s best to keep some things in the past and leave it be. Her relationship with Stabler is both a strong and complicated one for Benson. His character has to tread lightly here.

He continues, “But I do think I see, and my character can see, how, in some ways, this might not be the healthiest relationship right now, given what my job is. I think he knows and respects Stabler, obviously, but he’s definitely more protective of Liv because she’s closer to him, she’s more formative in who he was. So, from somebody that’s close with her saying, “Who is this guy? Is this good for her? Is this not?” I think that’s how he’s viewing it.”

His character is simply unsure of their relationship. All he knows is what Liv has let on to him. That complicates his view of the matter. So, what do you if you’re him? All he can do is examine the relationship from far away and support Liv any way that he can.

Future of His Character on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

His character is not only in a complicated situation with Benson and Stabler, but it extends for sure to Rollins and their future. Even further, what could his character get into if he were to crossover to the original Law & Order reboot that’s on the way?

Well, never say never as he told TV Line, “Well, I’ve had no interaction with the original Law & Order, but if that were to open up, I’m definitely game for it. I think it’s really interesting, the crossover possibilities and all that. I would obviously love to meet Sam Waterston, just as a personal thing. You know, I used to watch original Law & Order with my mother when I was a kid, and now I’m part of that world. That’d be nice to be full circle, I suppose.”

Only time will tell, but a Scanavino and Sam Waterson moment in the reboot would be pretty cool, right Outsiders?