‘Law & Order: SVU’ Stars Get Their Hair Dyed in BTS Photo

by Allison Hambrick

Two Law & Order: SVU actors visited the salon in a quirky behind-the-scenes photo shared to the series’ Instagram. In the shot, series veterans Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T both have dark hair dye processing to cover their roots.

“Dyeing to be part of this iconic friendship,” the series captioned the photo. Interestingly, Hargitay and Ice-T are two of the longest-running characters not just on SVU, but in the Law & Order franchise. In the pilot episode, Hargitay was the first to speak. Now, she is with the show over twenty years later. However, Ice-T joined the show in its second season, following the departure of Michelle Hurd.


Initially, the photo was shared by Mariska Hargitay, with a quote from Ice-T: “a little dye will keep us fly.” Fans, of course, loved the photo. One commented ” the definition of ride or die,” while another added that they “love this friendship.”

Hargitay is no stranger to posts about the show. From behind-the-scenes shots of the cast to her personal life, the SVU icon keeps fans both updated on the show, laughing, and marveling at how cool she is.

SVU Fans Debate Benson’s Outfits

Additionally, Hargitay’s Benson is arguably the most popular character on the show. One look at Reddit, and fans will see that the majority of SVU posts are about Benson, her relationships, and her experiences. Now, even her clothes are the subject of debate.

“The clothes they put her in do her no favors,” wrote one user. “I know the show [has] been on [for] years and obviously Mariska [has] aged but she’s still beautiful. I don’t even think she’s heavy, it’s the clothes that aren’t right. They need to put her in flattering clothes. They need to stop with the boxy blazers. Give her cute blouses or get rid of the shoulder pads that make her shoulders look bigger than they are. This isn’t the 80s.”

Several users presented reasons as to why Benson would dress the way she does. The most popular was that she is a mother and a cop, so being cute isn’t a priority. One user even tried to give an in-universe story explanation:

“This is probably giving the show too much credit, but Benson was supposed to have sustained quite a few burn scars up and down her arms and on her chest with Lewis, which might lead the character to wearing long sleeves and higher necklines to avoid showing them.

Again, I think that’s giving the show too much credit because she’s definitely been shown in t-shirts and short sleeves post-Lewis without any scars and I doubt a cop with a kid living in Manhattan, even on a Sergeant/Lieutenant’s salary, would be able to afford all of the plastic surgery necessary to completely remove all of those scars.”

Additionally, some others noted that her clothes on SVU spinoff, Organized Crime, are typically more flattering. The best explanation given by fans is simple. SVU Benson is all business. Organized Crime Benson is off duty. It makes sense she would dress differently.