‘Law & Order: SVU’ Up for Multiple People’s Choice Awards

by Michael Freeman

Debuting all the way back in 1999, Law & Order: SVU has been a popular show since its inception. It should come as no surprise after airing for more than 22 years then it’s up for numerous People’s Choice Awards this year.

Being nominated for one People’s Choice Award is honorable enough in and of itself, but SVU is up for several. First and foremost is the “The Show of 2021” category, which is one of the biggest categories for a television show. However, it’s also up for “The Drama Show of 2021” too.

While that’s it for the show, Mariska Hargitay received nominations in several categories. Standing toe-to-toe with other renowned actresses, Hargitay may win “The Female TV Star of 2021.” Additionally, Hargitay received another nomination. There’s quite a bit of overlap in the next category, but she could win “The Drama TV Star of 2021” too.

The official Law & Order Twitter account is joining in on the fun as well, tweeting for fans to vote.

“Did you know today is Turbo Day for the #PCAs?” the tweet reads. “Make your move because your vote counts twice, squad! Vote #SVU for #TheShow and #TheDramaShow of 2021 here.”

Not forgetting the captain who has been through more than anyone on the show, they also reminded fans to vote for Mariska Hargitay.

“Don’t forget to vote for our Captain. #MariskaHargitay is nominated for #TheFemaleTVStar and #TheDramaTVStar for this year’s @peopleschoice Awards,” their tweet reads.

Hargitay has been there since the very beginning, with over 500 episodes under her belt. Few could argue how dedicated and talented she is, but we’ll see if that’s enough to snag an award.

Mariska Hargitay Says Benson and Stabler Act Like the Parents on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Sharing a dynamic as old as the show itself, Benson and Stabler are undoubtedly the iconic duo on Law & Order: SVU. In an interview a week ago, Mariska Hargitay discussed the two characters, saying they’re basically the mom and dad of the show.

Speaking with Glamour, Hargitay said Benson and Stabler are the “mother and father” of the series. To be more specific, she stated she is the “mom who is all heart and emotion and a lioness who’ll defend you.” On the other hand, Stabler is “the angry father that will fix it at all costs.”

Funnily enough, despite their storied history, Hargitay can’t recall the first time they were onscreen together when speaking to TV Insider. “Keeping it real, I don’t remember. But I do have a million memories from the pilot, especially the immediate chemistry with Chris. We were filming in the Meatpacking District, and it was really hot and raining, so we all had to wear baseball caps. I was going, ‘How lucky is this California girl to be shooting a television series in New York with this fantastic actor and fantastic crew!'”