‘Law & Order: SVU’ Viewers Can’t Figure Out Why Some Fans Don’t Like This Character

by Chase Thomas

Law & Order: SVU has been on NBC for over twenty years now. The show was maintained strong ratings throughout, and it does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. With a show that has been around as long as Law & Order: SVU has been, it makes sense that a lot of folks have cycled in and out of the show over the years. Some stick, some don’t. Sometimes, though, viewers don’t like new characters that replace old ones like Stabler. Well, fans of Law & Order: SVU can’t figure out why some fans don’t like this one particular character.

That character is Detective Rollins. The topic was debated on Reddit, where the opening post read, “what’s up w everyone not liking her?? tbh i’ve never rly had a problem w her, she’s made dumb decisions for sure but those things make her interesting idk. i wanna hear people’s opinions though lmk what u think [sic]!!”

The forum was opened up for folks to discuss why Rollins is such a polarizing character on Law & Order: SVU. One user wrote, “She gets a lot of hate here but I love her too! Unpopular opinion: The times when she questions a victim’s story…I don’t agree with it, but it’s more interesting hearing that from a woman than a good ol’ boy male cop. She says the unpopular thing that someone in the room has to say and it creates an interesting tension with Benson, which IMO is what has helped her identify her blind spots and grow.”

Perhaps a strong source of it is her tension with Benson and kind of being the independent kind of character on the show.

Another user wrote, “Rollins has really grown on me over the years. She can still be frustrating, but overall I think she’s evolved and matured for the better. And I think she’s adorable with Carisi!”

The consensus is that there is not one. It depends on who you ask as to why some fans of Law & Order: SVU do not like Rollins.

Kelli Giddish on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Giddish grew up way away from New York City. Forsyth, Georgia in fact. Was that a problem for Giddish in acting? She told Smashing Interviews, “Well, you know, it wasn’t a hindrance. I don’t know whether it was a help or not. But I think I can turn it a little bit off. I think the sensibility of being a southern woman has definitely helped. So it’s not the accent. It’s the sensibility, I think, that carries through more than anything else.”

She concluded, “I know that I couldn’t talk to my grandmama, Theodosia, before any auditions in my 20s because after talking to her, all of a sudden, “Hey” had nine syllables in it (laughs). So I couldn’t talk to her on the days I had auditions because it just keeps going. I can’t turn it off (laughs). I think my character on SVU is originally from Pittsburgh or something. But when I got the role, they were like, “No. Just make her from Georgia.”

It worked out, though, for Giddish as she has soared on Law & Order: SVU.