‘Law & Order: SVU’: Watch Peter Scanavino Drop Freestyle Rap for Episode 500

by Jacklyn Krol

Law & Order: SVU star Peter Scanavino is ready to drop his mixtape.

On Thursday, October 21, Mariska Hargitay shared an epic video of her co-star rapping about the show’s upcoming milestone 500th episode. Actress Betty Buckley who played Attorney Walsh in the franchise, provided the beat.

“You take 250 multiply it times two,” he began. “That’s how many episodes you’ve got of SVU. Starting season one now it’s season 23. You’ve got Finn, Joe, Rollins, Valasco, and me. But don’t you all worry, we ain’t slowing down. Dick Wolf Law & Order, yeah we run this town.”

A surprised Hargitay screams into the camera, “What?!”

Watch the epic impromptu beat, below.

Everyone is wishing the cast of Law & Order: SVU well today. Especially Mariska Hargitay who has been on the series since its inception.

Peter Gallagher, who played Deputy Chief William Dodds on 19 episodes of the show, shared his congratulations to Hargitay.

“It’s #MariskaHargiDay!” Gallagher tweeted. “Congratulations to the Captain and all at Law & Order: SVU for #SVU500 tonight! Wow. So glad I got to join you for a few. Cheers!”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 500th Episode Details

Most television shows don’t make it to episode 100 let alone 500. This is a huge deal for the entire cast and crew and they wanted to make sure they had the perfect episode to fill the spot. A blast from the past will be at the focus of this episode, Nick Amaro.

In real life, Danny Pino left the show in Season 16 after three seasons to move to be closer to his children. This episode will detail what exactly happened to his character. Amaro will even be bringing a cold case to Benson in this story.

In an interview with TV Line, Pino revealed how the opportunity came about. He explained that SVU director Noberto Barba worked with him on Mayans M.C. recently. They reconnected and offered him the possibility to guest star on the show. SVU’s showrunner, Warren Leight, then got involved and the pair discussed what Amaro is up to these days. Chronologically, this is six years after he left the team.

Before he signed on, he made sure that there would be something “meaningful to contribute to the storytelling of the 500th episode.”

“After having those conversations and getting a lot of backstory in terms of Amaro’s post-graduate discipline in genetics and forensic science and genealogy,” he shared. “And studying a little bit about that, it was hammered out and we were able to figure out a way in to showing the evolution of Nick Amaro.”