‘Law & Order: SVU’: Were the Earlier Seasons a Better ‘Quality’ Than More Recent Ones?

by Taylor Cunningham

Law & Order: SVU has been ruling prime time network ratings for over two decades. But are the plot lines starting to lose steam? Quite a few Redditors seem to think so.

The NBC drama first debuted in 1999. And because it was such a massive hit, showrunner Dick Wolf has since created six successful spinoffs series (and counting). But over the years, we’ve seen a lot of faces come and go. And some fans believe the show is beginning to grow tired.

Earlier this week, Poetryisalive aired a few of their Law & Order: SVU frustrations on Reddit. And her post brought an angry mob to the forum.

“I began watching SVU again,” they began. “And the quality of seasons 1-12 and 13-now is day and night?”

In the poster’s opinion, “the earlier plots were more interesting.” And back then, the show had more of a shock value.

But in more recent years, the stories have become too predictable. And the series puts too much emphasis on Olivia, Noah, and Rollins. Poetryisalive wishes that Law & Order: SVU would shake it up with more Fin-centric plot lines. Or even better, the writers should bring back guest detectives.

Fans Agree: ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Isn’t as Good as It Used to Be

Forty-Five Redditors quickly chimed in to note their own displeasure with Law & Order: SVU. And almost all of them agreed that the storylines took a dive around Season 13.

” The quality dropped off when they renovated the office,” commented dizzler0613. “That’s when they got a bigger budget. So the prologues became more flashy, the camera work became more detailed. It’s a bigger box to open, with a lesser prize inside. In this case, simpler was better. Also season 13 is the first without Stabler as well, so that could have something to do with it.”

Some people also noted that the nature of the crimes changed in later seasons. When the series was newer, the detectives worked on a lot of homicide cases. But there have been “fewer dead victims” lately.

And dozens of fans complained about the characters. They believe that the leads have become “soft” and “boring” as of lately. And because of that, they’re just not as likable.

“The characters have changed drastically,” someone wrote. “Like I get the actors are older and so is their characters but Bensons super soft whisper voice is annoying sometimes! And Fin like wtf happened with him, yes he’s in episodes but it’s almost as if his character is just…there.”

Also, to make matters worse, some perhaps former fans even think that the writers “treat their audiences like idiots.”

So if this Reddit thread represents the majority of Law & Order: SVU fans, the show better get its act together. Because ratings could take a tumble soon. And we want the series to last for years to come.