‘Law & Order: SVU’ Will Explore Double Lives in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

In the upcoming “Law & Order: SVU”, Benson and the team discover a boxer is missing before the biggest bout of the year. A new trailer for the episode, titled “Tommy Baker’s Hardest Fight”, it seems like they find him barely conscious.

It turns out, the boxer was leading a double life. What the double life is, we have no idea at this point. But, the episode isn’t that far off. It airs on Thursday, January 20, just three days away. So, we won’t have to wait long to find out what all the secrets and lies are about.

The previous episode, “Burning With Rage Forever”, was pretty intense. It focused on the cycle of abuse, and how those who abuse others were often abused themselves. It’s a common theme on “Law & Order: SVU”.

The episode centered around a boy named Tino, who went to meet up with fellow gamer he met online. The gamer turned out to be a child molester, who chained Tino to the radiator. When SVU arrived on the scene, the man was gone; they found him later, stabbed, beaten, and also chained to the radiator.

Turns out, Tino’s uncle wanted revenge for what was done to his nephew. But, this gave Benson a choice; does she now go after the uncle for the stabbing? There’s that vigilante dilemma. One person takes it upon themselves to get payback, but now the police have to arrest them as well.

Additionally, it seems like Tino’s uncle was trying to atone for molesting his stepson. He knew it was wrong, but he was molested by his teacher when he was a kid. The cycle of abuse continues. “Law & Order: SVU” makes us think about the world we live in yet again.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Debate One Scene Involving Noah Benson

In the same episode, Benson’s son Noah was bullied at school; some kids put him in a dog collar and locked him in a crate, videotaping it. Fans debated whether or not Benson reacted correctly. Some conclude that she didn’t get aggressive enough, yet others think she reacted just right.

“Why did Olivia not react to Noah being locked in a dog cage by a sadistic child?” started one comment. “I thought for sure she was going to head back to that apartment, whip out her badge, put her gun down on the dining room table with a loud thunk and have a serious talk with the boy who likes to put dog collars on other children.”

Openly threatening a family is definitely more of a Stabler move than a Benson move, to be honest. Because they know these characters, most fans think she reacted just as she should.

“Honestly, I was really glad that Olivia reacted the way she did,” another fan commented. “Can you imagine what it would be like for Noah if his mom went nuclear on anyone and everyone who treats him in a way she doesn’t like? That would be mayhem. Noah wasn’t in immediate danger. She saw what happened, she had a weird feeling about it, she discussed it with Noah.”