‘Law & Order’: The Team Once Juggled Three Murders and a Kidnapping

by Lauren Boisvert

In the “Law & Order” season 13 episode “Couples,” Briscoe and Green must work three separate murders. Only, one of the murders happens to be connected to a 10-year-old case. They also stumble into an ongoing kidnapping investigation. A busy day all around. All of the murders have something to do with domestic disputes gone wrong, hence the title.

This episode is similar but not quite as crazy as the season 4 episode “Mayhem.” There, Briscoe and Logan work five separate murders in one day. Talk about busy. I doubt real-life detectives see as much action.

“Couples” is universally loved, and fans rated it an 8.7 out of 10. Incredibly high praise; it ranks number 6 on the highest rated “Law & Order” episodes. “Aftershock” comes in first. A 1996 episode, it follows Briscoe, McCoy, Kinkaid, and Curtis, exploring how they react after witnessing an inmate’s execution. Curtis cheats on his wife; Briscoe gambles and then has dinner with his estranged daughter; Kincaid meets with Van Buren and discusses capital punishment; and McCoy gets drunk and reveals that his father always demanded perfection from him.

While “Couples” gives fans the thrill of solving case after case, saving lives and putting away murderers, “Aftershock” invited viewers into the characters’ heads. It took a detour from the usual “Law & Order” formula, asking some big questions about the death penalty, and all the different ways it can affect us.

The episode ended in Kinkaid’s death, as she and Briscoe are hit by a drunk driver. Briscoe had just been telling her about his relationship with his daughter; how he’d have liked to have a child like Kincaid. The episode featured no cases. It just explored the characters’ emotions. It’s a haunting episode, and a devastating look into the psyches of those in criminal justice.

The ‘Law & Order’ Revival is a Month Away; Fans Can’t Wait

“Law & Order” has been off the air for more than a decade, but now the revival is just a month away. Fans are thrilled; they can’t wait for February 24.

The show is ultimately staying the same; same formula, even some of the same characters. Anthony Anderson’s Kevin Bernard has returned, as well as Sam Waterston’s DA Jack McCoy. The first half of the episode focuses on the crime; the second half, on the prosecution. That’s the way it’s always been, and it’s not changing any time soon.

The “Law & Order” Twitter recently posted the premiere date for the new season, and fans flocked to the comment section. “Can’t wait! #LawAndOrderThursdays will be even better!” wrote one fan. Another commented, “I’m so excited! I’ve missed those guys.”

One thing’s for sure: it’ll be so great to see the gang back in action, and I for one can’t wait either.