‘Leave it to Beaver’ Actor Rusty Stevens Starred in Halloween Episodes for Three Different Shows

by Jennifer Shea

One child actor managed to star in Halloween episodes of three classic TV shows. Robert “Rusty” Stevens appeared in creepy holiday episodes of “Leave It to Beaver,” “Perry Mason” and “The Rifleman.”

Stevens had gotten into show business as a kid after someone discovered him selling newspapers on a street corner, according to MeTV. He would go on to act in 67 episodes of “Leave It to Beaver,” per IMDb.

But that wasn’t the only show Stevens appeared in. He also guest-starred on “Perry Mason” and “The Rifleman,” appearing in special Halloween episodes of the latter two shows. As an actor, perhaps Halloween was his lucky day. (He also appeared on “My Three Sons,” “National Velvet” and “Shirley Temple’s Storybook” in non-Halloween episodes.)

‘Leave It to Beaver’ Actor Co-Starred in ‘The Haunted House’ Episode

Stevens’s “Leave It to Beaver” stint included an episode titled “The Haunted House.” In it, his character, Larry Mondello, tells Beaver (Jerry Mathers) they’ve got the only school in the world with a haunted house so close to it. Beaver can’t imagine who would live in a haunted house. Larry decides the woman who lives there must be a witch.

Soon thereafter, Beaver gets a dog-walking job that pays 50 cents a day. He is thrilled… but then he learns that the dog owner giving him the job is none other than the suspected witch. Beaver doesn’t want to follow through all alone. But Larry tells him he’s on his own, and for that matter, so does his older brother, Wally (Tony Dow).

In the end, Beaver learns an important lesson about rumors and verification. And he makes a new four-legged friend in the process.

Watch the episode here:

 Stevens Starred in Other Halloween Episodes of Classic TV Shows

As for Stevens, after “Leave It to Beaver,” he went on to appear on “Perry Mason,” in an episode titled “The Case of the Dodging Domino.” In the episode, he shows up in court in a scary costume as a trick-or-treater.

Then, in “The Rifleman,” Stevens portrayed a rowdy teenager. In that Halloween episode, titled “Hostages to Fortune,” three teenage boys ride around town on Halloween with bags over their heads, acting like ghosts. They wind up upsetting a cattle herd and scattering it all over town. Stevens played one of the boys, Melvin, who is a bit of a bully.

After those shows, Stevens took a 20-year hiatus. But he returned to Hollywood in 1983 for the TV movie “Still the Beaver” and the TV series “The New Leave It to Beaver,” which ran for six years.