‘Leave It to Beaver’ Stars Opened Up About How They Differed from Characters

by Anna Dunn

Two Leave it to Beaver stars once opened up about how they differed from their childhood characters. For the 60 year reunion of the show, Jerry Mathers andTony Dow sat down with 106.7 Lite FM to talk about their experiences on the show. Mathers played “Beaver” while Tony Dow played his older brother.

When asked if their brotherly relationship carried over from the show. Dow admitted that it’s actually Mathers who really takes care of him. On the show, it was the other way around. But now that they’re older friends, that dynamic has changed.

“He takes care of me more,” Dow said. “He’s a more organized business type. Steady.”

But Mathers noted that Dow is a very artistic person. “Tony’s an artist. He’s a sculptor. He’s a very, very good artist,” he said.

Their two Leave it to Beaver characters were just kids at the time. With Tony Dow’s character really trying to do his best to look after beaver.

The show was told from a unique perspective, as it really focused on the kids learning about the world and how to take it on together. unlike a lot of shows at the time, the kids were at the forefront, not side characters or just a part of the joke.

‘Leave it to Beaver’ Was Unique in Another Way

Leave it To Beaver was a different show for its time. But its refreshing perspective wasn’t the only way it made waves. It also made waves in a way that’s far odder.

The show is the first television show to feature scenes in a bathroom. Before Leave it To Beaver, bathrooms weren’t allowed to be shown on television in fear of being too crude. They made this… splash in the first-ever episode. So Leave it to Beaver essentially caused controversy immediately.

“That’s the episode that started it all,” Jerry Mathers said. “Wally and the Beaver want an animal and the parents say ‘no you can’t have a dog or a cat because you’ll never take care of it.”

And where else would you hide a pet other than your bathroom?

“We were the first TV show to show a toilet tank at that time,” Mathers said. “The censors would not allow any TV shows like I Love Lucy or any of the other big shows to have bathrooms.”

Obviously, TV has come a long way since then, but it’s a fascinating landmark to set right off the bat. And thankfully, it’s far from the only thing Leave it to Beaver will be remembered for.

Leave it To Beaver continues to charm even decades later. And While it’s long over, people are going to watch the show for decades to come.