‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Reboot Brings Back Kirk Fogg as Host

by Lauren Boisvert

Never fear: your guide to the Hidden Temple returns. Former “Legends of the Hidden Temple” host Kirk Fogg is coming back to the adult-centered reboot alongside new host Cristela Alonzo, with Dee Bradley Baker reprising his role as Olmec.

The format of the new “Legends of the Hidden Temple” is relatively the same, with higher stakes for a new adult audience. Now all us 90s kids who wanted to be on “Legends” have the chance.

The show has and always will be about solving puzzles and mysteries based on a legend. The legends included real or fictional items like Benjamin Franklin’s key, or Icarus’ broken wing. The Steps of Knowledge questions were always based on this legend.

The original show, and subsequently, the reboot, had four rounds: the Moat, where teams had to cross a “moat” following the ways described. Such as swinging across on a rope or climbing a net. Next, the Steps of Knowledge, which included Olmec telling the teams the legend. Each team had to answer three questions about the legend correctly to move on.

The third round was the Temple Games, which included the remaining teams competing in physical challenges for Pendants of Life. The legend continued as the theme for the Temple Games. The final round, the Temple Run, where the remaining team attempted to retrieve the legendary artifact from the temple and return within the time limit. Contestants used the Pendant of Life if they ran into a Temple Guard.

The new “Legends of the Hidden Temple” follows a similar pattern, but with an expanded and more immersive environment.

‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Debuted on the CW in October

“Legends of the Hidden Temple” premiered on October 10 with the legend of the Lucky Losing Pok-Ta-Pok Ball of the Hero Twins. The teams are cut down from 6 to 4; the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracuda, Purple Parrots, and Green Monkeys.

The Purple Parrots were narrowly victorious in the Temple Games, and went on to the Temple Run. Unfortunately, the team didn’t make it out with the artifact in time, and went home with only $2,500. Which is still a good amount, but based on the fact that the winning prize is $25,000, it’s a bit of a sad day.

Before this successful reboot, there were some less than ideal remakes of “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” The short-lived streaming platform Quibi tried to reboot the show, but failed. Soon after, the platform folded. Nickelodeon even made a TV movie for kids based on the show, which didn’t do well. Everyone who knew the show is an adult now, make a movie for adults.

But, ViacomCBS, which owns Nickelodeon and the CW, seems to have a winner with this iteration of “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Only, there’s not enough knee pads and helmets for my liking.