Liam Neeson Narrating Documentary About Irish Heritage

by Liz Holland

British actor Liam Neeson will narrate the upcoming documentary, “Ireland”. The film will begin showing in theaters and IMAX across the US, Canada, and Ireland starting February 11th.

The documentary will follow Irish writer Manchan Magan on an adventure across Ireland. Magan explores Ireland’s beautiful landscapes and rich history. Additionally, Magan connects Irish natives to their homeland and all it’s moving parts along the way.

Liam Neeson says of the film, “There is a movement in Ireland to reconnect with our heritage… to rediscover what it means to be Irish. .. I am delighted to help bring the joy and diversity of all that Ireland has to offer…. Both the old and the new, to IMAX and giant-screen audiences worldwide. As viewers experience Ireland’s great beauty and humanity on the world’s largest screens, they will fall in love all over again.”

Directory Says Liam Neeson is “One of Ireland’s Greatest Storytellers”

In addition to Magan, the film’s crew is joined by four Irish teenagers on his adventure, alongside violinist Patricia Treacey. Together, the group seeks out to learn more about their heritage and roots. Throughout the documentary, the group travels to places throughout the island including Dublin, Belfast, Kilkenny, and Kong.

The group also finds themselves at beautiful locations like the Giant’s Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Skellig Islands. 

Another key point, Director Greg MacGillivray has nothing but good things to say about Liam Neeson’s narration on the film. MacGillivray also says of the film, “As one of Ireland’s greatest storytellers, Liam Neeson’s prodigious talent and luminous voice lend a richness to our story that intertwines Ireland’s ancient past with its vibrant future.”

MacGillivray continues, adding “Ireland has long captivated the world’s imagination with its rich history and picturesque landscapes. ..With this film we hope to share with audiences, including the 70 million people of Irish descent living around the world .. all the wonder and cultural diversity that makes the island of Ireland such a unique and special place. Our story intertwines Ireland’s ancient past with its vibrant future. .. I hope the film ignites a new appreciation for the vast, natural beauty and fascinating, cultural traditions of this magical place.”

Ireland Hopes the Film Helps ‘Restart Travel’

Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland Niall Gibbons says he hopes the film inspires tourists to “restart travel”. Specifically, Gibbons hopes to encourage travel to Northern Island and the Republic of Ireland from the US.

Additionally, Gibbons continues, “With the international release of the film set to take place next February, it comes at an ideal time for us. .. It will play a significant part in the recovery of tourism from the United States. ” Millions of IMAX viewers will see the film, Gibbons explains. Gibbons goes further in detail, “Shining a spotlight on our rich history, culture and heritage and our spectacular scenery.”

The film will be available in theaters February 11th, 2022.