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Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex Michael Lockwood Petitions Court to Represent Minor Twin Daughters in Estate Battle

by TK Sanders

Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband Michael Lockwood wants to legally step in as the guardian ad litem of their daughters.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Lockwood, 61, petitioned the court to represent twins Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, 14, in an upcoming hearing amidst the family’s estate battles. Lawyers for Finley and Harper filed a declaration supporting Lockwood’s petition.

Lockwood told the court that he wants to act as the twins’ guardian ad litem because “the minor is a beneficiary of a trust at issue before the probate court in the above-referenced case. The minor requires appointment of a guardian ad litem to represent her interests in the proceeding.”

Lockwood — the twins’ natural father — also possesses no direct access to the family trust, which makes his case stronger as there exists very little (if any) conflict of interest. “There is no conflict regarding appointment because the proposed guardian is not a beneficiary of the trust instrument at issue,” Lockwood, said. Both of his daughters also signed paperwork in support.

The estate trust issues within the family heated up after Elvis Presley’s daughter and trustee, Lisa Marie, passed away in January at age 54. By all accounts, Lisa Marie established her children (led by eldest Riley Keough) as next in life to the fortune; but Priscilla Presley stepped in to challenge the premature passing of the torch.

Lisa Marie Presley “never discussed business with [her mother],” according to soources

To make matters more complicated, Priscilla claims she didn’t know about Lisa Marie’s decision to establish her grandchildren as trustees. Therefore, when Lisa Marie died and lawyers got involved, Priscilla petitioned the court to examine the “authenticity and validity” of Lisa Marie’s decision.

According to PEOPLE, Lisa Marie’s friend claimed “there’s zero question” what her living wishes were: “Lisa wanted Riley and Ben to be the trustees” — and for all her children to be the beneficiaries.

“I can assure you, in the last seven years of Lisa Marie’s life, she never discussed with Priscilla any business,” her unnamed friend declared, adding that Lisa Marie Presley had “inquired on multiple occasions what it would take” to buy back more of a stake in EPE. “She wanted each of her four children to have five percent of the estate,” said the friend. Lisa Marie’s son, Benjamin, died of suicide in 2020.

A source close to Riley agrees in principle: “Priscilla doesn’t want Riley solely in charge, because then she has no say,” said the family insider. “Meanwhile, Riley doesn’t want Priscilla to butt in.”

Added the Riley source: “It’s a very sad situation. Riley is shocked Priscilla is contesting the amendment.” As for Lockwood’s potential involvement? If he receives full guardianship rights, then he can negotiate in favor of his daughters’ rights to the family fortune.