‘Little House on the Prairie’: Alison Arngrim Performs a Completely French Comedy Show Overseas

by Evan Reier

We all know Alison Arngrim as the iconic brat Nellie Olseon from Little House on the Prairie. But are you aware of what she’s up to now?

The answer is a lot. Arngrim’s name might not be quite as popular with younger generations, but she has a lot of irons in the fire. From acting to stand-up comedy to volunteer work, the former Little House on the Prairie star keeps herself busy.

In an interview with VoyageLA, Arngrim opened up about what all she’s doing these days. This includes a particularly unique gig.

“I’m certainly best known as an actress,” Arngrim said. “And yes, as an ex child star, but after many years, people now also know me as a stand-up comedian and author. I have to say, I am particularly proud of my book. Before the Pandemic, I was touring the U.S. and Europe, doing my one woman comedy show in New York, my French comedy show that I perform in France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc., fan events and Little House cast reunions all over the country, as well as performing in live theatre and independent films.”

Like we said, she’s up to a lot. But a French comedy show? How many former child stars, or stars in general, can say they’ve done that?

Arngrim Shares Tour Dates and Info About Shows

If you head over to the Little House on the Prairie icon’s Instagram, you can see where she’s been promoting those French comedy shows.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak French. However, it’s clear that she has an upcoming Halloween show that will certainly be a hoot. If you ever stop by the French Riviera, this looks like a must-stop if you’ve got the time.

If Little House on the Prairie Comes Back, Arngrim Wants to Mix it Up

It goes without saying that any Little House on the Prairie reboot won’t feature much of the same cast. Icons like Michael Landon have tragically left us, while the surviving cast members are far too old to reprise their roles, unless the show picked up much further down the road.

In that case, Arngrim is welcome to change. In an interview, the star said she’d happily take on a different role.

“I would like to see a reboot of the show with the fabulous new young people,” Arngrim said. “Some adorable little girls in L.A., a gorgeous little blond awful child, as me, but have everyone from the old show do like a cameo, just pop in.”

She also said she’s up “to play Mrs. Oleson and I’m available, so I have no shame. I would play her in a second. I would totally do that.”