‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert Posts Awesome Pics of ‘Halfpint’ Halloween Costumes

by Kati Michelle

Melissa Gilbert continues to draw in a following for her cooking skills and mental health advocacy. Still, her most popular role involves the “Little House on the Prairie.” Gilbert played Laura Ingalls on the popular NBC family drama for its entire nine-season run. The star loves to connect with fans through social media, recently sharing tidbits from a road trip across the states with her husband to visit their granddaughter Ripley.

It looks like the couple opted for a car rather than a horse and buggy this time, but that doesn’t stop Melissa Gilbert from looking back fondly on her “Little House on the Prairie” memories. In fact, just this week she got to revisit Laura Ingalls’ home in Mansfield, Missouri for the first time in five decades. It surely brought back memories of bonnets, prairie dresses, and family. Earlier today, Gilbert took to Instagram again to share adorable snaps of some LHotP-inspired “half-pint” costumes, just in time for Halloween. We’ve got ’em below.

Melissa Gilbert Enjoys This Time of Year for All the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Inspired Costumes Fans Share With Her

Gilbert shared this adorable snap from a dear friend of her coworker’s daughter dressed as a precious little “half-pint.” Check it out:

She certainly looks the part, but where does the phrase “half-pint” even come from? If you’ve been too nervous to ask, we’ve got you covered. Apparently, it relates to a much longer phrase that goes something like this: “My little half-pint of sweet cider half drunk up.”

Essentially, the phrase pokes fun at Laura Ingalls’ size, pointing out how tiny she is in an endearing way. Charles Ingalls (Pa) often referred to Laura this way because she was much smaller than her older sister Carrie. Like a pint of beer, a half-pint simply means a smaller glass.

So, the next time that question pops up in Jeopardy! or trivia night, you can thank Outsider.

Reflecting On Her Role As Laura Ingalls Wilder Decades Later

Back in July of 2020, Melissa Gilbert sat down with CBS for their “Sunday Morning” segment to reflect on her career. The talk focused on her time as Laura Ingalls Wilder on the “Little House on the Prairie,” which first premiered in 1974.

The video also includes a brief tour of Gilbert’s New York farm, complete with a garden and chicken coop. She says, like her days on the prairie set, she constantly finds blisters on her hands and dirt under her nails. Though she’s “given up” trying to maintain a dust-free wardrobe, she wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Check it out:

So, what’s next for the star? Well, Melissa Gilbert is set to take on the role of a rehab therapist in the upcoming play “When Harry Met Rehab.” It opens in Chicago on November 24th. You can read all about it here.