‘Little House on the Prairie’ Icon Melissa Gilbert is on a Road Trip Adventure in the Midwest

by Joe Rutland

Don’t let Melissa Gilbert of “Little House on the Prairie” get away with telling anyone that she doesn’t like a good adventure.

Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on the popular NBC family drama, took to Instagram to share about her current road trip adventure. It finds the actress going through the Midwest.

Take a look at a couple of pictures she shared on social media on Friday afternoon.

Gilbert notes that she is traveling with her husband. Who could that be? None other than actor-director Timothy Busfield, who recently finished directing an October episode of CBS’s hit show “FBI.”

Well, it looks like the happy couple is enjoying their sojourn through the United States.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Was Part of Cast For Entire Nine-Season Run

She was on “Little House on the Prairie” for all nine seasons it was on NBC. Gilbert played Laura in three post-series movies, too.

Outsiders who remember that show know that Michael Landon played father Charles and Karen Grassle played mother Caroline Ingalls.

“Little House on the Prairie” ran from 1974-83 and had quite a cast of characters, too. Who can forget Nellie Oleson, played by Alison Arngrim, causing trouble all the time? Then there was Pro Football Hall of Famer and actor Merlin Olsen as Jonathan Garvey. And we cannot leave out Victor French, who played Mr. Edwards.

It was a deep family show, filled with different events and a few life lessons, too. Landon had achieved great fame for his role as “Little Joe” Cartwright on “Bonanza.” His ideas about scripts and shows could drive some people up the wall. Once that NBC western ended its successful run, Landon took his talents and developed “Little House on the Prairie.”

That series, ironically, was based on the actual books of Laura Ingalls Wilder. It made a star out of Gilbert, too, and Melissa Sue Anderson, who played her sister Mary.

Gilbert Said She Truly Felt Like Her Character Laura on Long-Running NBC Drama

So, what made Gilbert feel like her character in the NBC family drama?

In an interview, she said that “I was living in the 1800s every day and that was just so much fun.”

Gilbert adds, “We had real fires and fire pits and [Native Americans]. And everything was just such a remarkable adventure for me.”

The actress also said she enjoyed wearing her character’s costumes.

“I was at camp every day,” Gilbert also explained. “I would go in, I got to put on these really incredible clothes and lace-up – not even lace up my boots – I had high-button boots and I had an actual authentic button hook.”