‘Little House on the Prairie’: One Star Had No Clue He Was a Teen Idol

by Taylor Cunningham

Little House on the Prairie star Matthew Labyorteaux was quite humble in his day. When Labyorteaux started out in the 1970s classic, he was only eight years old. And by the time the series wrapped up in 1983, he had grown into a teen idol. But according to Labyorteaux, not only was he unaware of his fame, he wasn’t all that interested in it either. 

Little House on the Prairie ran for nine years and the series raked up a few Emmys along the way. So the cast of the nineteenth-century drama had earned a lot of stardom along the way. But they didn’t all notice.

Unlike most child stars, Matthew Labyorteaux, who played Albert Ingalls, kept to himself. He was a shy kid who wasn’t interested in the limelight that came with being an actor. And while he was ignoring his celebrity status, millions of girls were swooning over him. But he didn’t figure that out till the show wrapped up.

“I think some people just loved to sort of roll around in that and just enjoy the accolades and the girls chasing after you,” he told Page Six. “I was a shy, shy kid. I had my animals. I really didn’t know that I was popular.

While he was filming the series, he dated Merlin Olsen’s daughter, Jill. So, he wasn’t really looking for love. And aside from that, he felt like a regular guy when he walked around town.

“I mean, you’d walk into a restaurant and people turn and whisper, ask for an autograph or whatever. And other than that, I didn’t feel like I was the peacock walking down the street, to be honest.”

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Says the Late Michael Landon Visited in Her Dreams

The cast of Little House on the Prairie was a tight-knit group. Throughout the years, they felt like a family both onscreen and off. So when Michael Landon, who starred as “Pa,” passed away in 1991 after battling pancreatic cancer, the actors were heartbroken. But Melissa Gilbert says that Landon’s spirit lives on, and sometimes he visits in her dreams. 

On September 8th, Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls Wilder, posted a tribute to Landon after having one such dream.

“Dreamt last night that I was back on the set working with this phenomenal man,” she wrote next to a black and white photo of the two on set. “I’d say that I miss him but I was just with him in my dreams. Some folks say that when we dream of a loved one who has passed, it’s their way of visiting us. I’d like to believe that.