‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Reveals Worst Memory From Time on Show

by Michael Freeman

Little House on the Prairie is just about one of the most wholesome shows you’ll ever watch. Nonetheless, over the years, stars of the show have reported it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows on the set. In a recent interview, Melissa Gilbert revealed her worst memory from the show and it’s a doozy.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Melissa Gilbert spoke about being on the set of Little House on the Prairie. Funnily enough, when asked about her worst memory there, she had numerous ones to choose from. Asking her husband to decide, he opted for a tragic tale involving root beer floats and chewing tobacco.

Gilbert begins by saying the crew was shooting in Tucson, Arizona at Old Tucson. Old Tucson was an amusement park and an old Western town. The show was about five seasons in and Gilbert was 14, noting it was a ripe age for the incident to be incredibly awkward.

During a break, the kids went and got root beer floats. Gilbert then mentioned the set had cowboys, stuntmen, and wranglers, many of which chewed tobacco. A rule stated they couldn’t spit on the ground, so they used red cups. These happened to be the same cups used for the floats.

You know where this is going. Melissa Gilbert sat her cup down on a counter to rehearse a scene. When she came back, she picked up what she thought was the same cup and took a big sip. It turns out it was one of the stuntman’s spit cups. Realizing it instantly, tears began running down her face as she screamed and ran to her dressing room.

Luckily no one seemed to have noticed, but Gilbert said she couldn’t drink root beer floats for 40 years.

Melissa Gilbert Recently Underwent ‘Intense’ Surgery

Drinking chewing tobacco spit is indeed a terrible memory to have, but Melissa Gilbert also experienced something else rather painful. It was so major, in fact, she needed “intense” surgery for it.

Taking to Instagram a week ago, Gilbert disclosed she had a major dental emergency so severe it needed intense oral surgery.

“Hey Chicagoans!” Gilbert began the post. “I had a pretty major dental emergency yesterday and wound up having some intense oral surgery. Dental implant extraction and bone graft. I cannot say enough about Dr Ankur Khanna and everyone at @dental_salon ! They were phenomenal and the procedure really was virtually painless. I highly recommend them.”

The surgery doesn’t seem to have slowed her down though, as her post continues and talks about a new play she’s in. If you happen to go see When Harry Met Rehab anytime soon, you’ll be treated to Gilbert’s “one chipmunk cheek.”