‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Snaps Gorgeous Pic ‘Road Tripping’ in the Ozarks

by Anna Dunn

Little House On the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert just shared a beautiful picture while road tripping in the Ozarks.

The actress played Laura Ingalls on the hit show and starred in it for all nine seasons. Many viewers watched her grow up right before their eyes. Her Little House on The Prairie role taught kids everywhere critical life lessons that they still carry with them today.

But now, she’s out of the spotlight for the most part, instead opting to share some beautiful moments on social media.

“No filter needed! Where’s Waldo today? Why… in the Ozarks…that’s where,” the Laura Ingalls actress shared.

Gilbert looks like she’s having a great time on the trip.

It’s far from the only vacation picture she’s shared on Instagram either, giving Little House on The Prairie fans some insight on where she is now. She’s shared a ton of road trip pics, including some breathtaking photos from when she was in the midwest. The actress is traveling with her husband, Timothy Busfield, who she married in 2013.

Busfield is an actor and director. His most recent role was Henry Roswell in the show For Life and recently directed an episode of FBI. His other acting credits include roles on Almost Family, The Loudest Voice, Sleepy Hollow, and Blue Bloods.

Gilbert has been married two other times. Her first marriage was to Bo Brinkman and her second was to Bruce Boxleitner.

Melissa Gilbert loves sharing moments with her family on social media. The actress had two children, Dakota and Michael, and is now a proud nana.

The ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Actress Recently Got into the Spooky Spirit by Sharing a Terrifying Halloween Costume

In a much different recent Instagram post, the actress shared a horrifying vintage Little House on the Prairie costume that looks more like the outfit of a horror movie killer than anything close to a character on the show.

“This may well be the most terrifying Halloween costume of all time,” she wrote in the recent post.

It’s truly something else. With the plastic mask with a pained smile and an odd bonnet, the costume looks like the stuff of nightmares. Would not want to open the door to a trick or treater wearing that.

Gilbert was a critical part of Little House on The Prairie. As the young star on the series, she was crucial to the success of the now-classic show. While not all portrayals of her are the most flattering (ie. the terrifying Halloween mask), she’s become a critical part of entertainment history. Now, it’s fun to follow Gilbert as she goes on fun trips around the country.