‘Live PD’: Family of Texas Man Who Died After Chase on Show Getting $5 Million Settlement

by Michael Freeman

When Live PD aired, we were often on the frontlines of intense confrontations and chases. In one extreme instance, a Texas man died during a chase on the show. Now, it’s reported his family is receiving a $5 million settlement because of the encounter.

Live PD recorded Javier Ambler II’s death when the chase occurred in March 2019. Williamson County commissioners voted on December 14 to approve the $5 million settlement, Yahoo! News reports. This is the largest settlement in the county’s history, with Traveler’s Insurance paying $3,362,740 and the county directly paying the remaining $1,637,260.

Police chased Ambler because he failed to dim his vehicle’s headlights. Officers began tailing him and caught him once his car crashed. When they confronted him, they tased him four consecutive times, despite him disclosing he had congestive heart failure and difficulty breathing. Williamson County deputies took him into custody and he died shortly afterward.

Ambler’s death didn’t initially make national headlines. Though the tragedy occurred in 2019, it didn’t appear prominently until local news station KVUE and the Austin American-Statesman broke the story in June 2020. These reports claimed deputies J.J. Johnson and Zach Camden chased Ambler across city lines, with Live PD camera crews recording it all.

The production company behind the show, Big Fish Entertainment, reportedly destroyed the footage, but police bodycam footage revealed what happened. Javier Ambler Sr., his father, then filed the lawsuit. Talking to NBC reporters, Ambler’s mother Maritza said, “This lawsuit is not going to bring my child back, but it is going to represent some kind of justice for my son,” Maritza, Ambler’s mom, said. “And that’s all we’re asking for.”

‘Live PD’ Could Come Back on the Air

Live PD saw much success during its six-year tenure on A&E but was canceled in 2020. However, former host Dan Abrams said he thinks it’s very possible the show will make a comeback.

Dan Abrams recently discussed the possibility on Dan Abrams Live after noting constantly receiving questions about the show returning. “There are a lot of conversations going out about bringing the show back,” he said. “And I still feel very good about its chances in the near term.”

Even if A&E decides they don’t want the show, it could always appear on another network. Elaborating on one of the issues, Abrams is nonetheless optimistic. “I don’t own Live PD. I didn’t produce it,” Abrams explained. “I was a producer, but not the production company. But, I’m feeling good about where we are, and every one of the conversations includes you. All your passion as part of the Live PD nation is always part of the conversation.”

In a letter to show fans, he expressed sorrow he couldn’t bring the show back in 2021 but states he will “fight the fight as best I can” to revive it.