‘Live PD’ May Be Returning Soon to A&E

by Taylor Cunningham

Could Live PD be coming back to A&E? Former host Dan Abrams seems to think so.

Live PD had a successful six-year run on A&E. In the docu-series, Dan Abrams showcased the everyday work of police officers across the United States. The show won a handful of awards during its time on the silver screen, and ratings were steady throughout its four seasons.

But in the end, the network decided to cancel the series amid the Black Lives Matters protests in 2020. However, nearly two years later, Live PD could be making a return.

Legal analyst Dan Abrams recently hosted a special Live PD reunion on his new talk show Dan Abrams Live, which airs every Thursday at 8 pm on NewsNation. During the episode, Abrams sat down with his old co-hosts Tom Morris Jr and Sean “Sticks” Larkin. And the guys spoke with a few of the featured law enforcement officers about their lives post Live PD.

And before the one-hour special ended, Dan Abrams responded to rumors of a series reboot.

“There are a lot of conversations going out about bringing the show back,” he said. “And I still feel very good about its chances in the near term.”

‘Live PD’ Could Air on a New Network

However, there is a chance that Live PD could find a home on a new network. Apparently, several networks have reached to Abrams about picking up the show. But the host noted that the fate of the series is in the hands of the producers, not him. So where and how the show makes a return is ultimately up to them.

“I don’t own Live PD. I didn’t produce it,” Abrams explained. “I was a producer, but not the production company. But, I’m feeling good about where we are, and every one of the conversations includes you. All your passion as part of the Live PD nation is always part of the conversation.”

Dan Abrams Believes Gabby Petito Case ‘Is a Great Story’

When Gabby Petito made national headlines in September, ABC’s chief legal analyst Dan Abrams was ready to speculate and report on the situation. And like most reporters, Abrams received public backlash for covering the case.

From the day Gabby went missing, the slain social media influencer earned national attention that is still strong to this day. But many people believed she was getting an unfair amount of media coverage because she was a young white woman.

But Dan Abrams doesn’t think the public obsession has anything to do with Gabby’s race. Instead, he thinks the mystery behind her disappearance is compelling.

“The Petito case broke out for a lot of reasons, many of which you lay out. So I agree with you, and I take offense to the people who say you’re only covering this because she’s a white woman. I’m covering it because this is a great story,” he said during an interview with OutKick.

“If you had the exact same fact pattern, with the exact same video leading up to it, with a very attractive woman of color, who is putting up videos of herself with her partner before she goes missing,” he continued. “I think there would still have been a national fascination with this story.”