Long Live the King: Dwayne Johnson Is Thankful for Recent Streaming Success

by Clayton Edwards

2021 has been a great year for Dwayne Johnson. Earlier this month, the People’s Choice Awards named him The People’s Champion. The Rock has been carrying that title since his days in the ring. However, it means something a little different these days. Instead of taking home gold-encrusted belts, he’s starring in movies that break streaming records. Currently, Johnson stars in two films that are crushing the competition.

Dwayne Johnson teamed up with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds for Red Notice. That film broke streaming records on Netflix and cleaned up at the box office. Additionally, Johnson starred alongside Emily Blunt in the movie Jungle Cruise. That family-friendly action-adventure flick is at the top of the Disney+ heap. Jungle Cruise also did well in theaters.

We all know that Dwayne Johnson is a big draw for films. His legions of fans are always eager to see his next cinematic offering. Likewise, Johnson knows that his fans are the ones who allow him to do all of the things that he does. So, with two movies topping two different streaming services, The Rock took to Instagram to thank the people who helped make it all happen.

Dwayne Johnson used a screenshot of a Variety article about Red Notice and Jungle Cruise sharing Nielsen’s top-10 SVOD movies list for the second week in November to drive the point home. In the post’s caption, The Rock started by thanking his fans around the globe. “THANK YOU guys worldwide for this insane support,” he wrote before revealing yet another impressive milestone.

“On streaming services Disney+ and Netflix – both Jungle Cruise and Red Notice had been watched 2 BILLION MINUTES in ONE WEEK,” he announced. That number is hard to wrap your mind around. However, it all comes down to the fact that people collectively watched those films millions of times.

What These Numbers Mean for Dwayne Johnson

Obviously, Dwayne Johnson is excited to see his movies pulling this kind of audience. However, he’s not just excited that people are enjoying his work. Instead, he and Seven Bucks Productions are looking at these numbers and planning for the future.

The entertainment industry is changing due to the pandemic. Several films are either skipping theaters and going to streaming platforms or hitting both at the same time. Many feared that this would hurt the industry. However, it’s not breaking The Rock’s stride.

Dwayne Johnson said that this is “A great time in our business to learn and listen to the consumer more than ever.” That’s just what he and his production company plan to do in the near future. So, it looks like the streaming – and millions of fans – can look forward to seeing more of The Rock in the coming years.