Louie Anderson Dies at 68: Here’s What His Net Worth Was at Time of Death

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage)

Tragically, actor, comedian, and game show host Louie Anderson died this morning. Though you likely recognize him from his multitude of appearances the past few decades, it may surprise you to learn what his net worth was at the time of his death.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of this morning, Louie Anderson was worth approximately $10 million. The impressive number is likely due to his acting, directing, and comedic roles throughout the last few decades. Additionally, he wrote four books between 1989 and 2018, including “Dear Dad: Letters from an Adult Child,” and “The F Word: How to Survive Your Family.”

Louie Anderson’s professional resume of appearances is as long as it is impressive. His first film appearance was Cloak & Dagger back in 1984, while he first appeared on television for The New Hollywood Squares. Since then, his roles ranged from movies every couple of years, to television shows. You also may recall seeing him on game programs like Hollywood Squares, Family Feud, and To Tell the Truth.

His most notable recent role came from the show Baskets, where he played Christine Baskets. He even won best supporting actor in a comedy series at the Critics Choice Awards in 2016 for it. Speaking to PEOPLE afterward, he praised both his mom and dad for his success.

“To my mom, who raised 11 children, and my dad was mean to her,” he began while accepting the award. “No matter how tough it got for Laura Stella Anderson, she never lost her humanity. She had so much of it that it dribbled onto me — I didn’t want it, but I found it, and this part has helped me find it.”

Louie Anderson’s Death and How he Focused on Improving his Health

Louie Anderson passed away this morning from cancer complications. Even sadder is the fact Anderson was working on greatly improving his health before passing away.

Deadline reports the actor died this morning in Las Vegas. He entered a hospital earlier this week for treatment of diffuse large B cell lymphoma, a type of cancer. His publicist, Glenn Schwartz, confirmed to the outlet later that was indeed his cause of death.

Anderson passing away is sad enough, but he told PEOPLE early in 2021 he was losing weight to become healthier. Utilizing intermittent fasting, he happily stated losing around 40 pounds since beginning the health regimen. “I started the pandemic at about 370 or 380 pounds depending on what I was leaning on,” he joked. “And now I’m 340. I’m trying to get 275 so I can get into some of my mom’s actual clothes,” he added, referencing his Baskets character.

Ending the interview, he said he’d have to retire his fat jokes once he hit his goal. It’s a shame he never got to see it happen.