Lucie Arnaz Described What Christmas Was Like With Mom Lucille Ball and Dad Desi Arnaz

by Hannah Heser

Growing up, families celebrate the holidays a little differently than when they’re older. And Lucie Arnaz describes how she and her parents, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, celebrated back then.

According to New York Daily News, Arnaz said “her parents made the most of the holidays at their Beverly Hills home in the 1950s. And Arnaz and her brother, Desi Arnaz Jr., reveled in it.”

“It was the only time of the year when there wasn’t any stress,” Arnaz said. “There was a lot of stress because of how hard they worked, and their marriage wasn’t doing well. But Christmas was always a good time.”

The Arnaz Family’s Holiday House in Beverly Hills

In a recent interview, Lucie Arnaz said her mother always decorated their Beverly Hills house so elegantly. It always looked fashionable and cozy when they were there.

The Daily News reported Lucie’s description of the modern home.

“My mother loved the East Coast so she tried to bring it to Beverly Hills. We always had a flocked white tree with blue lights,” she said. “At night, it made it look like wintertime in the snow.”

Besides her mom doing all of the decorating, she said her dad added quite a few missing touches.

“Her Cuban-born dad added a special touch during one particular Christmas Eve,” the Daily News recalled. “Young Lucie awoke to the sound of clattering on the roof, followed by a man in a red suit bringing gifts into her room.”

Being that her father dressed up as Santa Claus, Lucie had an idea that it was him all along. She said she always thought, “Santa sounds just like daddy.”

And just like that, Daily News said her mother confirmed it a few years later.

What the Incident Between Lucie Arnaz and Her Father Leads To

“Yes, he did that,” Lucille told her daughter. “He got all liquored up, banged on the roof and got in his Santa Claus outfit with the presents and everything else. And then he had to open his mouth with kissing his daughter.”

Heer parents split up when Lucie was only 7-years-old. Like every kid with divorced parents, you have two Christmas’s to attend. So Lucie and her brother went to the Beverly Hills home with their mother in addition to a celebration at their fathers.

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