Lucille Ball Clings Onto John Wayne in Vintage Photo

by Joe Rutland

If you have not seen Lucille Ball trying to get a word in edgewise while meeting John Wayne, then we have you covered, Outsiders.

On Saturday, the John Wayne Estate shared an old-school photo of “America’s favorite redhead” hanging out with The Duke.

Take a look at this photo and feast your eyes on these two superstars.

Upon doing a little snooping via IMDb, we discover that the photo was taken around 1966. John Wayne made an appearance on The Lucy Show where he played, well, himself.

The synopsis reads, “Mr. Mooney [Gale Gordon] sends Lucy to deliver some papers pertaining to the financing of John Wayne’s latest production. Despite his orders to drop off the papers with one of the studio’s secretaries, Lucy insists on meeting Mr. Wayne in person at lunch and spills ketchup all over him. She then trails him to his movie set and causes all sorts of havoc.”

In other words, a typical Lucille Ball comedy tour de force.

This is not the first time that John Wayne and Ball appeared in the same show. During the heyday of I Love Lucy, Wayne shows up in one of the Hollywood shows.

While comedy was not The Duke’s forte’ in his films, Wayne could definitely hold his own when sharing screen time with Ball.

John Wayne Actually Was Not First Choice For Director of ‘The Cowboys’

So, Outsiders, could you imagine John Wayne not being the first choice for any project?

Goodness, that’s a tough one to swallow.

The Cowboys movie director Mark Rydell said that he wanted George C. Scott as Wil Anderson, the desperate rancher who used a group of boys on a cattle drive.

Why didn’t Rydell want The Duke as his lead actor? Nearly a half-century after the movie was released, it doesn’t seem possible that anyone but Wayne would’ve played the role. Scott was two years removed from Patton when The Cowboys was released. Would he have been believable as a rancher?

The director said that his initial gut feeling about Wayne had nothing to do with his acting, but his political views.

He said, “The reason I didn’t want him (is) I knew him to be right-wing. We were antithetical human beings, polar opposites in every possible way. But I must tell you he seduced me in a way that was remarkable.”

Wayne sure did and Rydell found this out when he flew to Mexico for a chat with Wayne. The Duke was working on Big Jake at the time. Rydell changed his mind.

“He really wanted to do The Cowboys,” Rydell said.