Lucille Ball’s Daughter, Lucie Arnaz, Emotionally Honors Desi Arnaz’s Close Friend After His Death

by Michael Freeman
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz washing dishes at home on their five acre ranch.

Billy Hinsche was an integral member of Dino, Desi and Billy and a close family friend of the Ball family who recently died. So close, in fact, Lucille Ball’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, emotionally honored him on social media platforms, calling him her “brother.”

Billy Hinsche, unfortunately, passed away yesterday at 70-years-old from giant cell carcinoma. He played in the before-mentioned band with Lucie Arnaz’s brother and was a close family friend. After hearing the news, Lucie took to Instagram and posted an emotional tribute to the departed musician, as well as two photos in remembrance.

“One of the finest humans, friends, storytellers and musicians, on the entire planet just went home to rest,” Lucie somberly captioned the post. Billy Hinsche has died. 70 years young. Giant cell carcinoma. Only diagnosed a couple weeks ago. It ravaged him like an out of control train.”

Going on, she calls him her “brother” and mentioned Hinsche being Desi’s oldest and closest friend. Additionally, during COVID, he performed every single week from his home in Nevada, calling it “Billy’s Place.”

“I went to grammar school with Billy. Same grade,” Lucie Arnaz continued. “We had all the same memories. We were like brother and sister. Thank you all for the prayers and light you set his way these last few days. I’m sure it helped him make as peaceful a transition as possible. So much love was sent his way. He had to feel it.”

Lucie does note one silver lining though if you can call it that. Apparently, Billy’s 95-year-old mother had been in hospice for months and the two passed within 6 hours of one another. Lucie said it’s “heartening to imagine them, hand in hand, heading into eternity.”

Lucie Arnaz Posts Heartfelt Tribute to Her Mom, Noting ‘So Many Celebrations Coming up’

Back on August 6, I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball would have been 110 years old. Though she is no longer with us, Lucie Arnaz made sure to publicly honor her mother, as well as tell her about some of her exciting projects coming up.

Posting a throwback pic of the two of them together on Instagram, Lucie talks about how proud she is of all the upcoming projects honoring her late mother. “So many celebrations coming up to honor you, Mom,” Lucie begins the post.

“Your radio show is being replayed after 50 years on SiriusXM,” Lucie continues. “There is a feature film coming out of your life and a wonderfully insightful documentary, a new educational tool, even a Tribute Barbie!!!! What else could you want? I hope you’re proud. Happy 110th heavenly birthday. We love and miss you every day.”