Lucille Ball’s Daughter, Lucie Arnaz, Shares Her Excitement for Another Upcoming Film About Her Parents

by Jennifer Shea

Lucie Arnaz will never want for reminders of her late parents. The actress and keeper of the Lucille BallDesi Arnaz legacy just announced yet another new film about her mother and father.

Titled Lucy and Desi, the Amazon original film from Amy Poehler is a documentary about the iconic TV couple’s relationship. It was selected to show at Sundance, and according to Arnaz, it’s worth a watch.

“Yes, it all seems to be happening at once,” Arnaz posted to Instagram on Tuesday, alongside a poster for the movie. “It’s absolutely raining LUCY and DESI. Coming very soon…….. and it’s almost as good as mine!!!!”

Lucy and Desi Is One of the Films at Sundance from Female Filmmakers

While Sundance picks roughly half of its programming from female filmmakers, the vast majority of its submissions come from men. And that hasn’t changed despite concerted efforts on the festival’s part to expand its outreach to women. So Poehler’s film represents a high-profile stride forward for female filmmakers.

“It’s still a disappointment to us that the submission figures for women, who as half the population should not be marginalized figures, are still around the 27, 28 percent mark,” festival director Tabitha Jackson told the Los Angeles Times in December. “That’s absolutely not where they should be. There’s been so much work on it and yet still we are at that point.”

Filmmakers submitted more than 3,700 feature films to the festival’s organizers for consideration. Of the films that were actually selected for Sundance, 52 percent were directed by at least one filmmaker who identifies as a woman, according to the LAT.

Poehler’s documentary is also one of relatively few Sundance films this year to already have distribution in place. Amazon is listed as its distributor.

Lucie Arnaz Said Her Mom Worked Hard at Stardom

Meanwhile, Arnaz has been on hiatus from performing since COVID-19 hit. But according to the Hamilton Spectator, the actress and singer is supposed to resume touring soon.  

In a much earlier (1989) conversation with the Spectator, Arnaz shed some light on what it was like growing up with famous parents. She said her mother didn’t kid around at home much. And she could be mean sometimes, in a dry, devastating way. She “had a way of putting people in their place,” Arnaz recalled.

“My mom fancied herself a homemaker,” the actress went on. “She was a very responsible person. She was a working mother, when most moms stayed home.”

Arnaz added, “She loved weekends and holidays when we could all be together. But she was a star first and last. She worked hard at being that.”

And now, thanks to her parents’ stardom, Arnaz gets to enjoy a seemingly endless parade of documentary glimpses into and fictional reimaginings of their lives. It’s not the same as having them back again, perhaps, but it’s more than most people get to remember their parents by.