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Lucille Ball’s Daughter Sends Big Congrats to ‘Being the Ricardos’ Stars Nominated for Oscars

by Allison Hambrick
(Original Caption) This season TV viewers will have the opportunity to see Lucille Ball teamed up with her youngsters, Lucie(left), and Desi(right) as the two play the roles of daughter and son on her revamped series. The youngsters are splendid and the threesome may rival the success of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson who managed a successful show including their own children.

Lucie Arnaz, daughter of icons Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, celebrated the nominations received by Being the Ricardos. These include Best Actor for Javier Bardem as Desi and Best Actress for Nicole Kidman as Lucy.

Lucie took to Instagram, where she shared stills from the film and a sweet tribute to the creative team:

“CONGRATULATIONS TO Nicole Kidman @nicolekidman , Javier Bardem @bardemantarctic and JK Simmons @j.k.simmons.official for their well deserved Academy Award @theacademy nominations announced just this morning!!!

All three of them completely inhabited the characters that #AaronSorkin so skillfully crafted for them as my mother, my father and Bill Frawley in his wonderful new semi-biography, BEING THE RICARDOS! 

And a huge congratulations to Penelope Cruz @penelopecruzoficial , an amazingly gifted actress (who just happens to be Señor Bardem’s wife!) for HER nomination in the same #BestActress category as Nicole. When was the last time a husband and wife were both nominated in the same year for best actors? Ever? 

Doing a happy dance for everyone connected to this fine work, especially Jenna Block, Todd Black and the award winning behind the scenes crew. I know a few people who are watching from the balcony who are very happy right now.

And Aaron, you done good.”

Lucie Arnaz

This far from the first time Lucie praised the production. However, she is a stern guardian over her parents’ legacies. Lucie agreeing to the film is the ultimate seal of approval.

“It’s the story of Lucille Ball, my actual mother, not Lucy Ricardo and her husband Desi Arnaz, my dad, not Ricky Ricardo,” Lucie said of the film. Her only condition for Aaron Sorkin and Todd Black to make the film was that they “take the gloves off.”

Lucie Arnaz Shares Review of Being the Ricardos

Additionally, she posted a glowing review of the film after its release.

“I have waited and waited to print something to fully address Being the Ricardos,” Luciecaptioned a post. “This morning I read a review from Michael Thomas Mooney that says exactly how I feel, so I respectfully reprint it here. This is the truth about this film, if you come to it without prejudices. Thank you, Michael T.”

Lucie then shared Mooney’s words: “To those who asked me what I thought of Being the Ricardos,” the review began. “Please excuse the delay: I liked it. I liked it a lot. It is a complicated film for fans because Sorkin takes liberties with facts, dates, language, and some characters – the stuff superfans love… Nicole Kidman is perfectly cast (yes, perfectly) because she is an ACTOR. She delves into Ball’s complex psyche, while still presenting a semblance of the vocal and physical woman we saw on television. This is the craft of acting at its peak. Ditto Bardem as Desi.”

No greater endorsement for the film exists than that of the woman the main characters raised.