Lucille Ball Had a Perfect Reaction to John Wayne: Watch the Episode This Sunday

by Madison Miller

Lucille Ball and John Wayne — it’s an iconic duo certainly worth freaking out over.

During an old episode of “The Lucy Show,” Lucille Ball’s character had her personal little moment of excitement after hearing the Western icon’s name.

Lucille Ball and John Wayne

You can hear as she is instructed, “Now then, this note goes to Mr. John Wayne.” At this moment, she shoots her head up excitedly and states, “John Wayne, dahhhhh!”

It was a special episode of “The Lucy Show” that aired on November 21, 1966, called “Lucy and John Wayne.” During this episode, Mr. Mooney sends Lucy to deliver some papers that have to do with finances for John Wayne’s latest production. He tells her to drop these papers off to one of the secretaries at the studio. Given the fact that it’s Lucy we’re talking about, obviously, she does not do that.

Instead, she insists on meeting Wayne herself in person. She meets him at lunch and proceeds to spill ketchup all over his outfit. Then, she follows him to his movie set and proceeds to cause havoc there as well.

If this episode with two Hollywood icons sounds enticing, you can watch it this upcoming Sunday. You can watch it on INSP at 4:30 p.m. ET.

As for Lucille Ball and John Wayne, the two actually were pretty close friends over the years. He is most known for serious roles in movies like “True Grit,” meanwhile she is one of the most popular comedic figures ever. Despite his serious roles, John Wayne appeared alongside Ball on numerous occasions.

He appeared in season five, episode two of “I Love Lucy” as well. Lucy and Ethel get into trouble after they steal John Wayne’s footprints from the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. In the previous episode, the two of them realized the footprints were loose. So, they took them back to their hotel room as a souvenir. This means the gang has to convince the popular movie star to remake these footprints, seeing as the other ones end up broken before they can be returned.

Lucille Ball Shares Her Favorite Episode

Over the years, comedic icon Lucille Ball appeared in a number of different sitcom episodes. That includes “I Love Lucy,” “Here’s Lucy,” and “The Lucy Show.”

Despite all those appearances, Lucille Ball could still pick out her favorite episode. She appeared in an interview with ET back in 1984 to talk about the overwhelming and continuous success of “I Love Lucy.”

She spoke about one of the episodes that always stood out to her because it meant a lot to her in real life as well.

“The happiest moment I suppose was the baby show … I’d have to mention that because I was really having a baby. It was really my last show before I had the baby and it was for real and it was the most exciting thing in my life,” Ball said.