Lucille Ball’s Daughter Posts Emotional Pics From Beach Boys Touring Band Member Billy Hinsche’s Memorial Service

by Madison Miller

Lucille Ball’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, was amongst many present at Billy Hinsche’s memorial service.

He is most famous for his time as a touring musician alongside The Beach Boys. For Arnaz, however, she remembers him as part of the trio group Dino, Desi & Billy that her brother Desi Arnaz Jr. was a part of. The group also consisted of Dean Martin’s son, Dean Paul Martin.

The three had met at Loyola High School in the ’60s and would eventually sign with Frank Sinatra’s record label, Reprise Records.

He started working with The Beach Boys in the late 1960s. His sister also happened to be married to the guitarist from the group, Carl Wilson. You can also hear Hinsche’s sweet voice on individual tracks from artists like Elton John, Joan Jett, and Warren Zevon.

Sadly, he passed away from lung cancer on November 20. His 95-year-old mother, Celia, also died on the same day. Lucie Arnaz posted a photo of the memorial service announcement from Billy and Celia as well as other photos from that day.

“Had to bid farewell to one of the best humans I have ever known today. Billy Hinsche. I spoke from the heart and I hope he liked what I had to say. We will miss you William Hinsche …..forever … (For those asking, you’re welcome to view the previous post about Billy Hinsche, lifelong friend and member of Dino, Desi & Billy),” Arnaz wrote alongside the post.

Lucie Arnaz and Others React to Billy Hinsche Death

Lucie Arnaz was one of the first to confirm his death back in November. “Only diagnosed a couple weeks ago. It ravaged him like an out of control train,” she wrote on Instagram at the time regarding his death. She also wrote several other paragraphs about his impact and his activities over the last few years.

You may remember some of the group’s best hits, including “I’m a Fool,” “Lady Love,” and “Not the Lovin’ Kind.” Hinsche then played with The Beach Boys from 1971 to 1977 and from 1982 to 1996. He played keyboard and rhythm guitar and can be heard on most of their albums.

“We lost a great friend, family member, and forever member of The Beach Boys band on Saturday. We’ll miss him greatly, especially his family members will feel his loss most deeply,” Mike Love, the co-founder of The Beach Boys, wrote on Twitter.

Brian Wilson, another member of The Beach Boys, also shared a picture with the late musician with the caption, “Love & Mercy Billy Hinsche.”

Additionally, Lucie Arnaz has also been busy as an advisor of sorts for the upcoming biopic film “Being the Ricardos” with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem playing her parents. She has so far had high praise for the film.

“[Sorkin] made a great movie… He captured the essence of that time in their lives so well. He captured the heart of my mother and my father, their relationship,” she said in a video on Instagram.