Lucille Ball’s Daughter Said She Didn’t View Her Parents as Stars

by Jonathan Howard

Growing up with two super famous parents can’t always be easy. However, Lucille Ball’s daughter didn’t let fame change the way she saw her parents.

Now, back in the day when Lucie Arnaz was making her own name in Hollywood and film, she stopped by The Dick Cavett Show. The show would feature all kinds of figures from pop culture. From actors and actresses to athletes and musicians, and even political figures. You know you’re getting a good interview with Dick Cavett on the other side of things.

Arnaz talked about growing up in Hollywood with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as her parents and what life was like. Cavett got some great answers out of the 19-year-old actress in 1971. He had to ask her about what growing up was like and if it was full of dazzling stars and other big names.

“Only on the outside,” Lucie said. “On the inside, I had a little dog, went to school, and went to the movies like everybody else,” Cavett interjected and asked if there was a little Nebraska in her from her mom’s side. “There’s a little bit of Nebraska in everybody, yeah, in me.”

“Other kids parents who were kids of famous stars,” Lucille Ball’s daughter went on. “They had parents that were stars, my parents weren’t stars. I didn’t understand why people were yelling… that was my mother and father, mommy and daddy.”

You know, it makes sense. A small child would have a hard time understanding fame. So, it seems that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz did a great job as parents. That’s a lot of pressure for kids to have.

Lucille Ball Never Introduced Lucie to Big Name Stars

While Lucie did grow up differently than many of us could imagine, it wasn’t all glamour. After all, children are children. Even if your parents are the stars of I Love Lucy, you just try to grow up like everybody else.

By the time Lucie got to be a teenager, however, she started to understand the fame a bit more. While speaking with Dick Cavett she talked about that lightbulb going off in her mind.

“When I grew up when I was about 13, that was the age when you scream and go ‘Oh it’s you!'” she continued. “But that… that’s when I really went crazy and all of a sudden I wanted them to introduce me to everybody.”

So, did Lucille Ball start taking her daughter around to all the big names in Hollywood? Well, no. She didn’t. Arnaz finished up the point by saying, “And I never got to meet Paul Newman and Marlon Brando or anybody.” The crowd had some sympathy for her.

If I was the child of Lucille Ball and didn’t get to meet Marlon Brando I might be a little sour about that too.