Lucille Ball’s Daughter Talks Switching Schools Due to Her Mother’s Acting

by Shelby Scott

Having a famous mother is surely no easy feat. However, when your mother is Lucille Ball, you tend to make a lot of sacrifices. That said, the iconic American sitcom star’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, previously spoke publicly on “The Dick Cavett Show” about what it was like switching schools due to her mother’s acting career.

Interestingly, despite Lucille Ball’s long career, Arnaz revealed that she really didn’t switch schools too much. In speaking with Arnaz, Cavett initially poses the question, “Were you bounced around in school a lot?”

The icon’s daughter answers with a quick no. Instead she states, “Not too much, just a couple of times.” She relates that the first time she switched schools, it was because Ball came to New York to do the “Wildcat” musical in 1960.

From there, Arnaz details her next school, called Beverly Hills Catholic School, “Doesn’t that sound terrific?” the icon’s daughter jibes. “It was the worst!” she emphasized, to which a live audience laughed and applauded in the background.

Lucille Ball’s daughter further expanded on her experience at the Beverly Hills Catholic School stating, “It was terrible, it really was. It was probably one of the worst times of my life.”

Due to the celebrity’s brutally honest description of her schooling experience, Cavett asked her, “What was so rough about it?”

In a hysterical response, Arnaz begins, “Not to offend any nuns watching, I love nuns…High school nuns are different than grammar school nuns, Dick.”

Apparently, according to Lucille Ball’s witty daughter, grammar school nuns are recruited from the army. But, I’ll let you hear more about that on your own, in the clip below.

Lucille Ball Shares Experience of Getting Fired

As Outsiders see in the above clip, Lucille Ball’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, is as fiery and spirited as her mother. That said, despite the lovable personality the two women share, it didn’t always get them where they needed to be.

In fact, the “I Love Lucy” star herself previously shared her own experience about getting fired very early on in her career. She detailed how she handled it before becoming an American sitcom icon.

Prior to her daughter, Lucille Ball also appeared on “The Dick Cavett Show,” speaking to her early career and life experiences. During the talk show, Ball shared, “It’s hard to believe, but when I came to this town, all I knew about was trying to get into vaudeville.” For Outsiders unfamiliar with the industry, vaudeville refers to a popular kind of entertainment from the early 20th century. It puts an emphasis on burlesque comedy, song, and dance.

However, “finally, some girls I met that were starving along with me were going to a call at the Ziegfeld Theatre for a third roadshow of Real Rita’s many, many years ago.” While she shared she got the call, it turned out to be the longest job of her career to that point.

“I kept that job for five days…at the end of five days, they just, ya know, called us out like, ‘that’s it, goodbye.’ They didn’t even know our names,” Ball shared.