Lucille Ball’s Radio Announcer Bob LeMond Was One of the Most Familiar Voices in Classic TV

by Taylor Cunningham

Hey, Lucille Ball fans, do you think the announcer from My Favorite Husband sounds familiar? Of course, you do—nearly everyone does.

The man behind the voice was Bob LeMond. Aside from working on Ball’s radio show, he lent his vocals awards shows and television commercials. He also spoke for series like The Addams Family and Meet Millie. And he announced the very first episode of I Love Lucy.

Through his work, he became one of the most familiar and loved announcers in classic TV. In fact, he was so loved that when I Love Lucy accidentally cut out his segment on the opening episode, fans revolted until he re-recorded it.

What made LeMond so popular was his understanding of the career. He knew that an announcer needed to be sincere, warm, and friendly. And he made sure that he embodied those qualities every time he spoke.

After LeMond passed away in 2008, Gregg Oppenheimer, the son of a My Favorite Husband writer, producer, and director, spoke about his unparalleled skills.

“He was that familiar voice that people heard at everything from Leave It to Beaver to the Academy Awards, but they didn’t know his name,” he told The San Diego Union-Tribune. “He was also one of the nicest guys in the business.”

Lucille Ball’s Radio Announcer Stumbled into His Career By Chance

Even though Bob LeMond was a natural in the field, he never meant to become a famous announcer.

He actually got his start when his brother-in-law needed someone to fill in for a voice-over in a commercial he was shooting. And LeMond did such a great job, that his newfound career exploded seemingly overnight.

Lemond’s first gig was with CBS and then he moved on to the Armed Forces Radio Service. As an enlisted soldier, LeMond taught other announcers the craft.

After the war, LeMond headed back to the network radio world. And after the South Gate Daily Press-Tribune reported that his voice “causes as much fluttering of feminine hearts in his audience as the stars with whom he appears,” every entertainment executive in the country wanted to sign him.  

And per MeTV, the announcer loved the career that practically fell in his lap because it paid well and gave him lots of free time to spend with his wife and three kids.

“We thought he had a great job because he could spend a lot of time with his family,” Bob LeMond’s oldest son, Rob said. “He didn’t have to go to work from 9 to 5. He wasn’t a celebrity movie star, but he was certainly well-known.”