‘Lucy And Desi’ Director Wants Documentary to Remind Audiences the Couple Was ‘Human’

by Michael Freeman

Being the Ricardos released recently and offered a fictional spin on Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s professional and romantic relationship. Conversely, the documentary Lucy and Desi aims to be a more accurate depiction of the couple. Along those lines, the director wants to remind viewers the couple was “human.”

Lucy and Desi director Amy Poehler recently spoke to Deadline about her documentary on the star-studded couple. Over the years, we’ve heard countless accounts of how Lucy and Desi were with one another. Though the couple’s dynamic often received attention, Poehler wants hers to be as faithful as possible. This means showcasing all their flaws, which she hopes will remind audiences they were people like us. Not only that, but she hopes it shows how difficult it was to juggle their responsibilities.

“I’m always very interested when we start to turn people into icons and geniuses that we really flatten them out,” Poehler told the outlet. “We forget that they’re human-human people… Every time we got back to the humanness of it all: pioneers, outsiders who took big risks and who also had to maintain a relationship, and a very public one, at the same time.”

Those who have read about Lucy and Desi’s relationship know it was a troubled and complicated one. However, if you want to learn more, Lucy and Desi debuts on Amazon Prime on March 4, 2022.

Amy Poehler Discussed What She Learned About Lucille Ball While Making ‘Lucy and Desi’

As stated, we often discuss Lucy and Desi’s relationship. Nonetheless, there will always be more to their story than meets the eye. Amy Poehler learned that firsthand while making Lucy and Desi, and recently shared her findings.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Poehler talked at length about her documentary. Though she already reported being knowledgeable about Lucille Ball, her findings still surprised her. Among them was how the couple maintained their relationship. Amid all the trouble they experienced, they endured together. “I was very blown away by the way in which Lucy and Desi adapted their relationship to each other throughout their lives, and remained friends and partners until the end of their lives,” Poehler admitted.

Additionally, Ball served as a mentor not only to Desi, but to countless women at the time. Poehler attributes Lucy to many women succeeding in the television and comedy industry. “Not enough is spoken about Desi’s early trauma and the way that he turned that into an incredible success,” Poehler said. “[And] how expensive that was for him, personally. I also was really moved by the way, in Lucy’s later years, she not only continued to work, but she also mentored a lot of young women, especially in comedy. Everything from getting to know exactly what they were dealing with in the television studio system at the time to realizing that Desi brought the conga line to the U.S.”