‘Lucy and Desi’ Documentary Directed by Amy Poehler: Everything to Know

by Madison Miller

We are surely getting our fix of Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, and “I Love Lucy” recently.

The most recent was the release of the drama film “Being the Ricados,” starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem. The movie is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Now, there’s something else you can add to your watch list.

Information Regarding Upcoming ‘Lucy and Desi’ Documentary

Amy Poehler is going to be directing a documentary called “Lucy and Desi” that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 4. It will give fans of “I Love Lucy” a look into the complex lives of the real-life couple, Lucy and Desi.

This new documentary is going to look at the professional and personal relationship between the two absolutely iconic Hollywood stars. It will look at how both of these stars were really able to reinvent what comedy looked like on and off the screen.

For starters, the documentary is going to feature a lot of really high-profile interviews from some people that knew Lucy and Desi the best. That includes their two kids, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. Other stars with interview clips include David Daniels, Gregg Oppenheimer, Journey Gunderson, Charo, Eduardo Machado, Norman Lear, Bette Midler, and Carol Burnett.

This is Poehler’s third film that she has directed so far. The other two were “Moxie” and “Wine Country.” The movie is written by Mark Monroe. Poehler, Monroe, Michael Rosenberg, Nigel Sinclair, Justin Wilkes, and Jeanne Elfant Festa are other producers for the film.

“Being the Ricardos” was a fictional representation of Lucy and Desi based on true events. Meanwhile, “Lucy and Desi” is going to delve into the real lives of both of these stars.

Synopsis and Excitement

As of now, fans have to wait until they can see this star-studded documentary. There has been a film synopsis released for the film, however. You can also watch “I Love Lucy” while you wait. The series is available on Paramount +.

“Their love for each other led to the most influential show in the history of television, I Love Lucy. Desi – an immigrant from Cuba who lost everything in exile, became a bandleader. And eventually a brilliant producer and technical pioneer. Lucy came from nothing and, with an unrivaled work ethic, built a career as a model, chorus girl and eventually as an actor in the studio system. She found her calling in comedy, first in radio. When Lucille was finally granted the opportunity to have her own show, she insisted that her real-life spouse, Desi, be cast as her husband,” the synopsis states, according to Collider.

The film has the full cooperation of the estate of Ball & Arnaz and their family as well.

There’s no one better to share their story than Amy Poehler. She is a force to be reckoned with in the comedy landscape. She has had outstanding roles in projects like “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks and Recreation.”

The estate has also given away unseen footage, still photos, and writing related to Lucille Ball’s outstanding career. That includes in front of the television and as the owner of a production company.

“I am so excited to work with Imagine Docs to help present the incredible life and work of the brave and hilarious Lucille Ball, and her husband Desi,” said Poehler regarding to project, according to Deadline.