Luke Bryan Resting Voice After Screaming His Head Off at National Championship

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

The Georgia Bulldogs have won the national championship, however, that might have been due to the sacrifice Luke Bryan made.

With all of the screaming and cheering, Bryan has found that he has lost his voice. For a country music superstar, that’s not always the best thing. With that said, it doesn’t seem that any of his shows will be affected by the issue.

Over on Instagram, Caroline Bryan posted a picture of her and her loving husband. She had tape over his mouth while the singer gave the camera a look that says, “I’m still hungover three days later,” and a little bit of a lazy shaka sign to show fans he was alright.

Check out the post below and see the happy but beleaguered Luke Bryan along with his wife Caroline.

“He’s on vocal rest,” the caption reads. “After his EXCESSIVE screaming at National Championship game…can’t say I’m too unhappy about it! I plan on talking nonstop and annoying the hell out of him.”

Now that is a fate that only husbands can understand. I suspect my wife would have a similar reaction if I couldn’t talk for a day or two… and for that, all I can say is, sorry. With shows scheduled in the near future, Bryan is going to need to make sure he rests up and gets his voice back.

When January 22 comes around, the Crash My Playa vacation-concert event comes to Riviera Cancun, Mexico. Along with other guest performers, Bryan will be joined by Darius Rucker and Jordan Davis on the Beach Stage.

Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker, the beach, some beer, in Mexico?! Someone get me a flight to Cancun now!

Luke Bryan Enjoying Family Time Before Touring Again

As the year 2021 came to a close, Luke Bryan stayed relatively low-key. He wrapped up shows before the holiday season and just took time to enjoy family. Of course, Christmas was a big celebration. The Bryan family always finds a way to make things interesting.

Then, for New Year’s Eve, he took Caroline out for a big celebration. Her birthday is also on the last day of the year, so there were bottles of champagne and more passed around. It looks like Bryan has had some experience doing these end-of-the-year celebrations.

Fans not only love Luke Bryan for his music but for the great energy he gives off. If he can get nice and rested before his shows start up again, fans are going to be having a great time out on the beach in Cancun. What a way to spend the end of January. Great tunes, great location, and surely some great fun.