‘Magnolia’ Star Joanna Gaines Breaks Out the Typewriter for New Christmas Candy

by Courtney Blackann

Joanna Gaines constantly pays attention to the smallest details. This is why she’s so successful in her industry. Or we should say industries because there’s not much the entrepreneur can’t do. In her latest endeavor, the “Magnolia” star is using a typewriter to perfectly tag her Christmas candies.

In an Instagram post, the “Fixer Upper” star shared how she’s using her adorable mini typewriter to make the perfect Christmas candies even better.

“Ok, YES… I cheated in typing class.  #sorrymom. My new holiday episode of #MagnoliaTable is now streaming on @magnolianetwork and @discoveryplus!” Gaines captions the photo.

In the clip, Gaines is seen in her open-space kitchen adorning boxes of Christmas goodies with individually typed notes. The personal touch is the perfect addition to the small Christmas gifts.

Each box of chocolates, soda candy and Christmas bark are delicately attached with one of these tags which will make the gift perfect for friends, family and neighbors all around. The snippet is a clip from the latest episode of “Magnolia Table,” Gaines’ cooking segment on the network.

Joanna Gaines Celebrates 18 Years Since Opening Her Dream Shop

While both Chip and Joanna Gaines have come a long way since Magnolia was first opened in Waco, Texas, the entrepreneur still gets butterflies when she thinks about that day 18 years ago.

Chip encouraged her to chase after her dreams. And she did just that. Magnolia was a store with a lot of love and perseverance behind it. At the time, Gaines didn’t know what other opportunities would unfold for her. But the shop is at the center of her beginnings.

“Chip had pushed me to take a chance on something I believed in—so win or lose,” Gaines said. “I already knew I’d never be the same.”

She went on to say:

“I’ve said this before, but I truly believe that dreams beget dreams and that sometimes all you need is someone to believe in yours or a little momentum to keep you moving in the right direction.”

Because Joanna Gaines appreciates her dreams coming true, she also recently wanted to donate $50 thousand dollars of her own money to help someone else start theirs.

“When I woke up this morning and that familiar feeling hit me—I was sure that there was no better day than this one to move someone else’s dream forward,” she wrote on Instagram. “So here’s what I’m thinking—I want to give $50k to help someone do just that. If you have a business idea you’ve been dreaming about, or plans you’ve been working toward and all you need is a little help getting it off the ground, you have until 11:59 pm CT tonight to submit your idea to me at the link in profile!” she continued. “I can’t wait to see what dreams you’re ready to chase after.”