Magnolia Network Picks Up Julia Child’s Iconic Cooking Show

by Jonathan Howard
(Original Caption) October Her Month. New York, New York: Julia Child, ebullient French chef, as she prepares a dish for a TV audience. On October 7 her new cooking series, in color, premieres on education television, and her new cookbook will be published about two weeks later. Viewer mail tells her that a lot have learned to cook by watching her show.

The Magnolia Network has picked up a big-name show that is sure to make fans happy. The icon herself Julia Child will be on the network.

Before Barefoot Contessa. Before Martha Stewart. And, yes, even before Martin Yan. There was Julia Child. Her cooking show was the beginning of modern culinary entertainment as we know it. Child started out almost 60 years ago on PBS with The French Chef.

Her inviting and addicting personality mixed with her great skills in the kitchen made her an instant success. She became the face of home cooking. She made tasty and delicious recipes seem easy and attainable. The entire show set the tone and style for the future of television cooking.

The episodes will start airing on the Magnolia Network on January 10. The network plans on releasing episodes like it were a new series. So, the cooking tutorials will air Mondays and Thursdays. Three episodes in a row. Another three episodes join the Friday programming on January 21.

Julia Child was a big personality and her 6’2″ frame made her a larger-than-life figure to many. Classically trained at Le Cordon Blue in Paris, American households were introduced to the techniques and style of French cooking thanks to her.

While she claimed that most people see her as a clown, her legacy as a culinary icon has been cemented. Child never acted pretentiously. She wanted to spread her joy and love of cooking to all. Wielding a meat cleaver, and at times getting handsy with her pieces of meat, she made dinner fun. It was something anyone could learn and now that comes back via the Magnolia Network.

Magnolia Network Looks to Capitalize on Home Renovation and Home Cooking

When Chip and Joanna Gaines started out, they were two people that knew how to fix houses. On Fixer Upper the couple showed off their talents and eye for style and decor. The show took off and as they say, the rest is history. Now, with the Magnolia Network, the couple is expanding their reach and building out a cable streaming service.

Now, Chip and Joanna are going to be able to bring classics like Julia Child to their network. They can also bring in new talent. Giving others an opportunity to show their talents to the world. That is part of the reason they have wanted to pursue the streaming platform.

“We’re thrilled about it,” Chip said when speaking to Variety. “That’s been the greatest joy in all this – finding new talent that maybe the world hadn’t heard of yet and reintroducing talent that the world had known, like [chef] Andrew Zimmern, who’s become a dear friend of ours.”

The Magnolia Network is slowly building its offerings. There is no telling what might come next.