‘Magnum PI’: Is Perdita Weeks Leaving the Show?

by Jennifer Shea

In Season 5’s Episode 5, Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks) will face a seemingly straightforward case that suddenly turns deadly. It could be the end for Higgins. Is “Magnum PI” going to kill off Weeks’s character, ending her involvement with the show?

Not likely, as Matt Carter points out. For one thing, Higgins pops up in the synopses for future episodes. For another, the show has put her in danger before, only to snatch her out of harm’s way just in time.

The show’s writers appear to be more focused on building up Higgins’s difficult situation with MI-6, who say she’s obligated to do some work for them in Hawaii, than on killing her off. So never fear, Higgins fans, Juliet is safe for the time being.

 ‘Magnum PI’ Actress Is a Recycling Obsessive

Never let it be said that Perdita Weeks doesn’t care about the environment. The actress has reportedly devoted a lot of time on set to pushing green habits on her co-stars. In a Hello! magazine interview in 2016, Weeks admitted she gets a bit “obsessive” about encouraging others to recycle.

“I’m a recycling obsessive,” she said. “People on sets can be unbearably wasteful in general. I couldn’t bear seeing all those cups going in the normal trash to become a landfill. I started putting big notes all over the kitchen saying ‘please recycle’. I’d be in costume with my arm in the bin and washing up people’s dirty plastic cups while making a really obvious point of it.”

Does she green things up on the set of “Magnum PI”? So far, her co-stars aren’t saying.

Perdita Weeks Is Following in Her Sister’s Footsteps

Weeks’s older sister Honeysuckle is also an actress, and the “Magnum PI” star said that there’s enough of an age gap between them that the sisters don’t feel any rivalry. Indeed, she said her sister sets a good example, and she’s trying to follow in Honeysuckle’s footsteps.

“She was always my big sister, who I looked up to and I’d love to work with her. We always say one day we’ll write a script together,” Weeks told Hello!.

Still, Weeks acknowledged some playful resentment at her sister’s hit rate. Honeysuckle apparently gets most roles she auditions for. Her younger sister, however, has had to develop thicker skin.

“I’ve got a very tough skin because I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Weeks said of acting. “Rejection is simply part of it. It can be heartbreaking when you don’t get something you really want but there’s always the next time. Although my sister has a 100 percent hit rate for everything! She gets everything she goes for, it’s incredibly frustrating!”

But now Weeks is on “Magnum PI,” and all signs point to the likelihood that she’s sticking around. Not a bad reward for all those years of handling rejection time and again.