‘Magnum PI’: Will Higgins MI-6 Secret Be Revealed?

by Lauren Boisvert

Juliet Higgins has a big secret on “Magnum PI.” We, the audience, know what it is, of course; she used to be an MI-6 agent until her fiancé was killed and she went rogue. But, could this secret come back to haunt her in upcoming episodes? Currently, no other character on the show knows about her past, but it seems like it’s catching up to her in this latest episode.

It seems like Higgins is back in Hawaii under the rule of her former agency. Fans are speculating that she’s about to tell Magnum about her past and her current predicament. That would certainly up their romantic potential, at least. The big question is: what is she going to reveal, and what is she going to keep hidden?

The synopsis for the upcoming episode, “Devil on the Doorstep,” mentions Higgins getting a new assignment from MI-6. What could it be about? Will it conflict with her current goals and feelings? In a promo for the new episode, it looks like someone attacks Higgins in an alleyway after meeting her; we get a look at the side of his face but it’s unclear who it is at this moment. In the last episode, Higgins found herself in a life or death situation, so it seems like being back with MI-6 isn’t doing her any favors.

‘Magnum PI’: Perdita Weeks is Obsessed With Recycling

Perdita Weeks, who plays Higgins on “Magnum PI,” told Hello! Magazine in 2016 about her efforts to save the planet, including forcing those habits on co-stars on set.

“I’m a recycling obsessive,” said Weeks. “People on sets can be unbearably wasteful in general. I couldn’t bear seeing all those cups going in the normal trash to become a landfill. I started putting big notes all over the kitchen saying ‘please recycle.'”

She even got a little “Dirty Jobs” with it and dug through the trash. “I’d be in costume with my arm in the bin and washing up people’s dirty plastic cups while making a really obvious point of it,” she said. Hopefully, she’s still doing that on set of “Magnum PI,” or at least teaching her co-stars how to follow green practices themselves. Every little bit counts, after all.

Weeks also spoke to Hello! Magazine about her “rivalry” with her older sister Honeysuckle, who’s also an actress. “I’ve got a very tough skin because I’ve been [acting] for a long time,” Weeks said. “Rejection is simply part of it. It can be heartbreaking when you don’t get something you really want but there’s always the next time.” She joked about her sister’s ability to nail every audition, saying, “Although my sister has a 100 percent hit rate for everything! She gets everything she goes for, it’s incredibly frustrating!”