Mark Wahlberg ‘Enjoys It All’ When It Comes to Working Out

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for F45 Training)

Mark Wahlberg might spend more time working out than he does acting or anything else for that matter.

Everyone knows that Wahlberg has a crazy schedule. He gets up early and gets a lot done before many Americans wake up to start the car for work. The actor and do-it-all celebrity is always showing great videos from his workouts.

He is partnered with F45, a chain of gyms in the northeast. These workouts are intense, quick, and full of energy. Wahlberg has shared plenty of videos from these gyms in the past. However, this one looks like it got to him.

By the sound of it and the look of Mark Wahlberg, it was a long workout of cardio. At least the actor found some time to sit back and relax and “Enjoy it all.”

When it comes to working out you have to find a way to enjoy every bit of it. If you let yourself get too upset about doing legs or working your back, then you just aren’t going to get it done. While Wahlberg says that the cardio workout was “too much,” he can’t help but enjoy the time spent in the gym. He’s a real gym rat and it shows.

But he’s always got his hands in something or another. That includes leisure camping.

Wahlberg RV and Camping? Mark is Looking to Expand

As the owner of Mark Wahlberg Airstream & RV, the actor is looking to expand his business. Right now, he operates just like any other business in the industry. He sells and finances recreational vehicles and campers. There has been an increase in interest in activities like hiking and camping.

So, it makes sense that the Wahlberg-owned business is looking to branch out. They now have a second location and that means heading to the Buckeye state. The new location will be just outside of Cleveland in Lorain. While the company named after him is opening just its second location, Wahlberg has an interest in about four other stores.

Mark Wahlberg Does Just About Everything

At the end of the day, Wahlberg has his hands in just about every industry. He has made a great living as a big box office actor. Of course, he already had his music career. He has Wahlburgers with his brothers Paul and Donnie. The F45 Gyms, the RV stores, and so much more. He even has a reality show that follows his everyday activities.

It just feels like Mark Wahlberg always has something up his sleeve. There is always something around the corner ready to be invested in, ready to be the next big thing. With the actor and businessman behind the scenes of all these ventures, who knows what will be next?