Mark Wahlberg Shares Family Photo of Kids Supporting Their Sister

by Chase Thomas

There are not many icons in Hollywood as famous as Mark Wahlberg. The former star of “The Departed” and “The Other Guys” has continued to thrive in Hollywood for years now. That does not appear to be changing anytime soon. A lot of that comes from the longtime support from his millions of fans. Well, Wahlberg shared a family photo of his kids coming out and supporting their sister.

Wahlberg had a picture snapped of the family supporting his daughter in her big event. He wrote for the caption, “Her brothers came out to support even though it was playoff weekend.” Meaning, even though there was big-time NFL football on, her brothers came out and supported their sister anyway.

Fans loved the sentiment and post by Wahlberg. One fan wrote, “That’s what it is all about.”

Another fan wrote, “Family support is priceless! Awesome.”

Mark Wahlberg on ‘The Other Guys’

Wahlberg has had a really interesting run in Hollywood. Starring in lots of dramas, but also starring in movies like “The Other Guys” with Will Ferrell. This was a very different kind of movie for Wahlberg. It was also a big hit with him and Ferrell as two very different detectives. Combine those two with the rest of that cast that featured Eva Mendez, The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson and it was no wonder it was a hit.

Wahlberg told Film School Rejects, “Yeah, me and Will [Ferrell] approach the work the same way: be as real and as serious as possible no matter how absurd it is. The more absurd it is then the more humor people will find in it. It really is about committing. We never said, ‘Here’s an opportunity to try to be funny,’ but let’s be as real as possible. I think the more committed we are that furthers the potential for laughs and humor.”

It worked.

He concluded, “If you look at I Heart Huckabees or The Departed there was comedic elements in those performances, but obviously the tone was just a little bit different. If you turn the tone a little bit to the left or a little bit to the right that makes everything shift. It was a nice fit for me and I wanted to do a comedy. Obviously, you gotta do the right thing coming from a dramatic background. If not, then you wont get another chance to do it again. It’s not the kind of thing where they let you try it over and over again until you get it right. You gotta make a good crack at it.”

There was some crossover between his character in both “The Departed” and “The Other Guys.” He just leaned into it more for comedic effect.