Mark Wahlberg Fans Think He and His Kids Look Like ‘Triplets’ in This Pic

by Lauren Boisvert

Mark Wahlberg recently posted a photo on Instagram with one half of his personal Funky Bunch, oldest daughter Ella Rae and youngest son Brendan. He has two other children with wife Rhea Durham; 15-year-old Michael and 12-year-old Grace.

“These two look like twins,” he captioned the photo. Friends, fans, and family in the comments immediately likened the trio to triplets instead. Many commented on the kids’ incredible resemblance to their father. Rhea Durham commented, “Triplets,” with three heart emojis, showering love on her family. A few fans commented that Wahlberg and his son are really the twins, but his daughter holds a great resemblance to him as well.

Additionally, Wahlberg recently posted about his youngest daughter’s equestrian competition, posting a photo of the family sans Ella. “Her brothers came out to support even though it was playoff weekend,” he captioned the photo, with the hashtag #family and heart emojis. In her own post, Rhea Durham wrote that her daughter aced the competition, and would be moving on to nationals.

The Wahlbergs are clearly devoted to family. Mark Wahlberg comes from a large and loving family, and it’s obvious that he holds them above all else.

Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson Team Up for New Movie with ‘Yellowstone’ Star

Coming out on April 15, Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg’s new film, “Father Stu,” is a true-life drama rooted in faith. The film is about a boxer who decides to turn his life around and become a priest. It follows the real-life story of Father Stuart Long; his life goes from one self-destroying act after another to devoted to peace and redemption.

But that’s not all we’re interested in. It just so happens that a “Yellowstone” star will join Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson in the film. Jacki Weaver plays the CEO of Market Equities on “Yellowstone,” she’s resourceful and dedicated to getting the Duttons to give up the ranch. More to the point, is she’s trying to get them to give it up without all the guns and violence they usually employ.

Rosalind Ross is directing “Father Stu” in her debut, and the story has already touched many, including Mark Wahlberg. “Father Stu’s journey from troublemaker to clergyman was inspiring to many, including me,” Wahlberg told Variety. “Rosey has done an incredible job capturing the essence of who he was and how he affected the people he met. I hope that with this film, we keep his spirit alive and continue his good works.”

In addition to “Father Stu,” Wahlberg also stars in the new “Uncharted” film, based on the popular video game series. Wahlberg plays Victor Sullivan, a treasure hunter who teaches young Nathan Drake a thing or two. “Uncharted” also stars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, and will premiere on February 18.