Mark Wahlberg Is Thankful for a Gift from a Friend

by Chase Thomas

It’s the wonderful time of the year, Outsiders. One of those reasons is because it is a time to reflect and be thankful, similar to Thanksgiving. It’s a beautiful time of year, and while Mark Wahlberg is a busy man these days, he, too, got into the Christmas spirit. Wahlberg received a beautiful present from the rapper Joyner Lucas that featured a pendant from his late mother. Wahlberg was very thankful and loved the gift from a dear friend.

In the caption for the post he wrote, “Receive a beautiful gift from the Lucas family. Love you my brother @joynerlucas.”

Mark Wahlberg And ‘The Other Guys’

One BBC anchor just signed off with a hat tip to legendary character Ron Burgundy in the process. The man who played him, Will Ferrell, also starred with Wahlberg in another classic, The Other Guys.

Wahlberg revealed to CinemaBlend that, “I’ve been a huge fan of theirs, and they invited me to dinner and asked me if I’d be interested in working with them, and I said, “Are you kidding me?” And it was literally before they had even told me what it was about and what the part was, and I had already committed to doing it. And then they told me a little bit about it and then, of course, they went off to write the script. I just couldn’t believe it.”

He also wanted to work with the folks behind the movie and he finally got to do so.

The Right Kind of Movie

He continued, “I wouldn’t say I was a consultant but I certainly was there to kind of help because they hadn’t really done it or much of it before. They were, I wouldn’t say uptight about it, but it was something new for them. Kind of like the same way doing a full-blown comedy was new for me. So to me it was no big deal, they would be like, “We want to talk you through stuff,” and I’d just say, “Strap me in and whatever, we’ll just do it. Don’t worry about it.”

Wahlberg was ready to go when doing the actual movie, even if it was a different kind of role for him.

He concluded, “I have my own way of doing things and I’ve always been extremely sarcastic, I had to be pretty quick considering where I came from, being the youngest of nine kids. The only thing I had was my mouth, and that also got me in to trouble, but it wasn’t like it was something I wasn’t comfortable with, you know? The world in which the story takes place and everything is definitely in my wheelhouse. Had I been out of my element and we were doing some English period piece then maybe I wouldn’t be too quick. But I certainly felt like I could hold my own in that situation.”

Sarcasm works for Wahlberg and it worked for Wahlberg in The Other Guys.