Mark Walhberg Links Up With Dana White and Mario Lopez at UFC Fight

by Jonathan Howard

Last night Mark Walhberg was in the house for UFC 270 as two titles were up for grabs. Mario Lopez and Dana White were in attendance too, of course.

These are events that Walhberg can usually be found at. As someone that is always in the gym working out, surely he enjoys seeing some of the best athletes in the world duke it out in the ring. UFC has become a huge cultural phenomenon and there aren’t many folks that don’t catch at least the highlights after a big night.

For UFC 270 there were two big fights scheduled. However, there were three solid performances that closed out the night. Michel Pereira and Andre Fialho battled it out in a bloody fight. Pereira ended up winning. Then, Mark Walhberg and company watched as Brandon Moreno defended his Flyweight Title against rival Deiveson Figueiredo.

Of course, the big fight of the night was Francis Ngannou against Ciryl Gane for the Heavyweight Title. It was a great night and surely Lopez and Walhberg had a good time. Check out the post below and see what Walhberg posted on his Instagram.

“Thanks [Dana White],” the post says. “For a great fight night [at UFC] with my bro [Mario Lopez] and [The Card Boyz].” For those wondering, The Card Boyz are Walhberg’s son and friends who have a hobby for sports trading cards. Ripping packs and hoping to find a rare and valuable card.

At this point, it really seems like Mark Wahlberg is everywhere at the same time. He has so much going on at all times it is amazing that he gets anything done. He’s always doing business, or working out, or doing something fun like going to UFC fights. Last night was one to watch, too.

Mark Walhberg Watches Two UFC Title Fights

As I mentioned before, last night was a big night. Any time that the Heavyweight title is going to be up for grabs is a big night. That’s the most prized and the most elite title that a fighter can win. However, the official “Fight of the Night” happened in the Flyweight title fight. Mark Walhberg was treated to two great fights.

This was the third time that Moreno and Figueiredo have faced off against one other. Unfortunately for the former champ Moreno, last night was the first time that Figueiredo had beaten the Mexican champ. This was a fight that went back and forth throughout each of the five rounds.

Then, the fight of the giants. Both Ngannou and Gane stand at 6’4″ and weigh around 250 lbs. At those sizes, those are not two guys that I would want to find myself in a cage with. It was a tough fight and went the distance, however, Ngannou was the unanimous winner. Mark Walhberg might have been there for the last UFC fight of the champ’s career as he contemplates taking up boxing.